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About Ariel

Ariel Loves the challenges that today’s music business presents and she leads her team to help clients come out ahead- whether that is with a detailed Total Tuneup, a new brand, or an increased established digital footprint, she is dedicated to helping her clients leave more educated than they were when they came to Cyber PR. She has written over 300 blog posts and four books on marketing, crowdfunding, and social media for artists- two of which went to #1 on Amazon. Ariel has spoken to over 100,000 artists in 12 countries about how to take control of their own marketing leading masterclasses, workshops, and panels. Now, she is re-launching the Cyber PR Music Podcast.


The Cyber PR Music Podcast is a Combination of 2 Things:

1. Presenting Ariel’s articles, parts of her books and observations in short form (approx 15 minutes each episode).

2. Interviews with people furthering the conversation about marketing and PR in the music business.

Episode Links:

Goal Setting for Musicians

The Rise of the Indie Musician with Tony van Veen

The Importance of Mindset with Suz Paulinski

Lessons from Marie Kondo

Spotify or Die with Mike Warner

On Being A Woman in Music with Bree Noble

Your Music and People with Derek Sivers

Full Time Music is Possible with Manafest

Women in Music 2020 and Beyond with Nicole Barsalona

Bandsintown, The Indie Artist’s Best Friend with Kristin Yasuda

Twitch for Musicians Pt. 1 with Karen Allen

Twitch for Musicians Pt. 2 with Karen Allen

Breaking Down the Business with Ryan Kairalla

Fighting COVID Through Connection

Beat Your Inner Critic with Angela Beeching


We’ve also launched the Cyber PR Instagram Live Series – every Tuesday & Wednesday on our Instagram page.


April 28 – Managing Stress & Anxiety During Covid-19 w/ Suz Paulinski

April 29 – Instagram Best Practices w/ Kayla Coughlan & Matt Pelosi

May 5 – Live Streaming & Making Money From Home w/ Eli Lev, Singer-Songwriter

May 6 – Website Best Practices w/ Kayla Coughlan

May 12 – How to Succeed at Film & TV Placements w/ Alexia Erlichman, Owner, Music Gorilla 

May 13 – Facebook Best Practices w/ Kayla Coughlan & Matt Pelosi

May 19 – Shutting Up Your Inner Critic w/ Angela Beeching, Author of Beyond Talent: Creating a Successful Career in Music

May 20 – Twitter Best Practices w/ Kayla Coughlan


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