Episode 4: Maximizing Music Marketing with ChatGPT & AI with John Oszajca

On this episode of The Cyber PR Music Podcast, Ariel chats with an old friend and colleague, John Oszajca, a musician and digital marketer, and he shares his insights into using AI language models like Chat GPT for music marketing, emphasizing the importance of having a human-derived game plan and not solely relying on AI. He also shares his thoughts on the singularity and what it means for AI’s potential future.

Lastly, the podcast touches on the strengths and limitations of AI in music marketing, and how musicians can complement their talents with AI tools. Overall, this episode explores how AI language models can be used as effective tools in music marketing, while still understanding the value of human touch and authenticity.

Episode Takeaways

– Ariel Hyatt and her team are using ChatGPT to condense long posts into shorter ones for social media. However, there still needs to be a human touch to add personal flair and voice to the content.

– John Oszajca discusses the benefits of using AI language models like ChatGPT for musicians who are trying to market their music or build a business around their music. Chatai tGPT can serve as an efficient and effective content creation tool but may not replace the musician’s own voice and authenticity.

– John Oszajca emphasizes the importance of having a human-derived game plan as a blueprint to achieve goals in music marketing. ChatGPT can be a useful tool for making short work of tasks such as generating headlines and ad copy but should not be relied upon solely.

– The speaker, John Oszajca, is excited about the singularity and the coming evolution of AI but acknowledges concerns raised by others about AI.

– John Oszajca experienced a “wow” moment when he started playing with AI language model GPT-3, realizing its implications and applications.

– There has been a recent upgrade from GPT 3.5 to 4, significantly increasing its computational power, and there are other AI tools like Mid Journey and Dolly 2 in the market.

– The singularity concept, coined by Ray Kurzweil, is based on the idea that technology is doubling at an increasing rate, leading to a point where technology appears to be a straight line on a graph chart.

– Scholarship opinions on prompt engineering and its significance differ; some see it as crucial while others view it as unnecessary.

– AI music and poetry can mimic the authentic experience but often misses the human touch that people seek.

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