This is part 2 of our Twitch for Musicians presentation by Karen Allen, live streaming expert. If you haven’t seen Part 1, I recommend you watch that here before diving in to this part. In this episode of the Cyber PR Music Podcast Karen teaches us how to dive into the world of Twitch. Karen is the author of Twitch for Musicians, an E-book and online course to teach indie artists how to produce a channel, grow a fan base, and earn revenue on Twitch.

If you’re interested in Karen’s book, Twitch for Musicians you can purchase it here. For 30% off use code CYBERPR30

Sign up for Karen’s online course, here and get 30% off as well.

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In this episode Karen and I discuss:

  • Twitch and the audience in depth
  • What tools you need to stream on Twitch
  • How to produce a stream on Twitch
  • Levels of Twitch users and their differences
  • How to make money on Twitch before you qualify for monetization


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cyber pr music podcast karen allen ariel hyatt twitch

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cyber pr music podcast karen allen ariel hyatt twitch

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Twitch for Musicians 

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