The Cyber PR Music Podcast is Back!

My new season is all about AI Music Marketing and the brilliant Hazel Savage, co-founder of Musiio by SoundCloud kicks it off from London.

Hazel talks about the role of AI in music creation. While the use of AI can be seen as a “freak show” to some, it can also be an opportunity for artists like Grimes to explore a new branch of creativity. She touches on the history of technology in the music industry, and how the industry will continue to find ways to value artists while not stifling creativity. 

She speaks candidly about her personal experience of struggling to find inspiring female bosses early in her career, and emphasizes the importance of being vulnerable and open about limitations for women in the workplace. 

She takes us through the AI technology behind Musiio, which is primarily a B2B company however all indie artists can use it for free (and they should – we explain why!). In seconds Musiio adds metadata to tracks, and will reveal things you may not know about your own musical creations which can help you with marketing and playlist placements.

Hazel explains the differences between ML and AI and she discusses and explores the possibilities of AI-assisted music creation. We both encourage the use of assistive technologies for individuals working as a team of one, and share some fun experiments with AI-generated selfies and more. 

Tune in to learn more about the intersection of technology and music!

Key topics in this Podcast

  • The difference between AI (artificial Intelligence and ML (machine learning)
  • The importance of humans in content creation (AI is NOT coming to replace you!)
  • Different perspectives on AI-generated music (freak show vs. creativity)
  • Past introductions of new technology in the music industry
  • Assistive AI technologies for individual musicians and teams
  • Adding rich metadata to tracks to improve playlists, search functionality, and music discovery
  • How independent artists can use Musiio to add metadata to their tracks or get a second opinion on their music for richer marketing experiences
  • Musiio’s use of pattern recognition to teach AI to identify genres in music
  • AI assistive technologies, for musicians such as generating beats
  • Importance of understanding technology limitations
  • Hazel’s career path in music industry
  • Starting from scratch and send out 150 resumes to get into the business
  • Women in the workplace and being  open about limitations as women in the music business
  • Importance of successful women sharing their success and bringing up others

About my Guest: Hazel Savage

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Hazel is a music-tech lifer, guitarist and former CEO/Co-Founder at Musiio. She started her music-tech journey as an early employee at Shazam and spent time understanding the pain points of the industry at Pandora, Universal and HMV before launching Musiio in 2018 and then selling the business to SoundCloud in 2022. 

Hazel travels globally speaking at conferences and talking to catalogue owners about the value of artificial intelligence integration and digital transformation in the music industry. As a female founder in the heavily male-dominated industries of music and tech, Hazel seeks to offer insights with interesting and humorous anecdotes, as well as easy-to-follow explanations and use cases of artificial intelligence technology. 

Featured Links:

Musiio by SoundCloud – Musiio is a free AI tagging too that all indie artists should try. It acts as a second set of ears, providing an objective perspective on your music by accurately analyzing  the mood, key, tempo, genre, and much more, providing you with valuable insights. It delivers  multiple tags you can use to accurately describe your music, enhance your music’s appeal and reach a wider audience.

Audio Shake Audio Shake’s AI technology makes it easy to upload a song and begin breaking it down into its individual stems. It uses algorithms that can recognize different components of a track and isolates them individually. It identifies each individual instrument and separates them into their own tracks allowing you to use them in your new composition.

Measure of Music Free annual online music industry Conference including panel talks, keynote speakers, startup pitches, networking events, career fair and of course the music data hackathon/workshop. Watch all replays and sign up on the site.

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