In this episode of The Cyber PR Music Podcast, I catch up with my friend Ryan Kairalla, entertainment lawyer and author of Break The Business where we discuss the importance of creating a solid foundation for your music career that you can build your success from. 

Ryan Kairalla The Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt


In this episode Ryan and I discuss:

  • The importance of not taking any shortcuts when building your career
  • Resources for legal advice for every budget 
  • Why meeting the “right person” won’t make your career take off
  • Why copyrights are the most important thing you can do for yourself in your career
  • Some dangerous documents that might be disguised as your “big break”
  • Why you should focus more on building your career as an independent artist as opposed to seeking a record deal


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The Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt

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The Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt Ryan Kairalla

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The Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt Ryan Kairalla

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The Cyber PR Music Podcast Ariel Hyatt Ryan Kairalla

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