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We are the only Music PR firm who offers complete transparency. Through your password protected online dashboard you will see in REAL TIME exactly who we are pitching every single day. You will never wait for a report from us or wonder what we are doing, you will know.

 You will also see every blogger and podcaster’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and SoundCloud profiles so that you can connect on socials as we pitch. There is no other PR firm that shares this information with its clients.

We offer single (4-week), 6-week, and 10-week digital PR campaigns.

Cyber PR Playlisting

We carefully research a curated group of playlisters who will consider your music. Through your password protected online dashboard you will see in REAL TIME exactly who we are pitching every single day. You will never wait for a report from us or wonder what we are doing, you will know.

You will also see every playlister’s Spotify profile, or streaming link, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, so that you have the opportunity to connect on socials as we pitch. 

We offer single (4-week), 8-week, and 12-week Playlisting campaigns.

Musician’s Total Tuneup

A Total Tuneup is a personalized artist development plan. Our process comes from 20+ years of working with musicians and observing those who build sustainable careers vs. those who get overwhelmed, make rash decisions, and burn out.

Artists who have capable strategies and understand how the new music business components fit together, experience more success and have longer careers. Very few managers, publicists, and marketers instill artist development knowledge. It’s rare to find teams who get the full ecosystem and lay out all of the necessary steps. So, artists jump straight into hiring a publicist or a radio promoter without a foundation, and this never yields the long-term impact that was expected and hoped for.

Community Management

We know, social media posting day in and day out is a grind. We will ease the day-to-day pain by helping you identify the right content that will resonate deeply with your fans and we will coach you or post for you (depending on your needs and budget). We cover all platforms plus we write killer email newsletters.

Musician’s Website

While business and fan growth does take place on social media, if you don’t have an effective musician’s website, you’re going to have a hard time being found and noticed by fans and industry professionals alike. You absolutely need to have your own domain as it represents your shingle on the web that is fully in your control. Plus, it helps with your SEO. Effective social media trends come and go, (hello, Facebook!) but your domain is yours forever.

Our in-house website designer will work with you to create an elegant and effective website that will include everything you need to have your very own home base online.

Having your own site is essential as it is yours to own (unlike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social platform).

Musician Bio

Your musician bio, which we call a signature story here at Cyber PR, is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Today, more than ever before, having a compelling story may be the thing that attracts a potential fan to you (sometimes even before hearing your music).  

Our expert writer (who has written bios for hundreds of artists including Lana Del Rey, Joe Jackson, Julia Michaels, and Julian Lennon) crafts a compelling artist bio which includes a relatable story which is essential for capturing the attention of media and fans. This will become the cornerstone of your PR and Marketing efforts.


12 Master Classes to Help You Navigate Today’s Music Business

LABS are a series of focused Master Classes where you will learn from our favorite industry experts. As an artist, you are the CEO of your own career and it is vital to master many aspects of our business to monetize and succeed.

  • Build Your Career Foundation: Avoid the mistakes 90% of artists make
  • One on One Coaching: Learn from our hand-picked list of favorite industry experts each with a different area of expertise who will make a lasting impact on your career in a short amount of time.
  • FREE Bonuses: Actionable eBooks, downloads, and swipe files, all for you to put into use TODAY.

Too many courses take 8, 10, 12 weeks or longer. We have designed LABS to not take up too much precious time so you can effectively get into action in approximately 3 hours (and you can binge them now!)

jeff oster

“From the very beginning [through] to the end of my campaign, I was blown away by the effectiveness, professionalism, follow through and results. In a music business defined by rapid change, Cyber PR nailed it. I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend them for your next PR effort.”
– Jeff Oster

“The Action Sheets alone are worth the money! Ariel and the experts she has teamed up are a wealth of information and having access to them is truly invaluable. She and all the guests are incredibly engaged through each LAB, and it’s easy to tell they truly want to help independent artists thrive in this ever-changing landscape.”
– Kate Mills


“Working with Ariel & Kayla is like getting to work with a combination of mentor,  business advisor, and good friend. Ariel knows how to immediately get to the heart of  the project, and they dive into the work, head first! I feel inspired by their energy, and I  can’t wait to work with them on my own projects in the future!”
– Meghan Swartz

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