Episode 2 with Ryan Kairalla: Melodies in the Machine: Legal Landmines of AI-Generated Music

On episode 2 of The Cyber PR Music Podcast AI Season we dive into the world of AI-Generated content and creativity.

The music industry is facing a new challenge that requires attention from lawyers and lawmakers to create new laws that fit the existing landscape and address the rise of AI. However, the potential of AI in the music industry is enormous, allowing artists to create work more easily and more effectively.

First, we discuss the legal challenges surrounding AI-generated content after the much covered AI debacle with fake Drake and The Weeknd, causing DSPs to take down the song. Then, we explore how AI, specifically Chat GPT, can help creators with the tedious and less enjoyable parts of content creation, such as writing blog posts or generating musical ideas.

Ryan emphasizes how AI can help save time and allow for more human-oriented creativity, but we must ensure human involvement to prevent AI from pushing fans away. We also discuss AI collabs with artists and the importance of being transparent with fans about AI’s use in the creative process. Tune in to discover the exciting possibilities of AI in the music industry from the perspective of an entertainment attorney.

Topics Covered in the Episode:

  1. AI-Generated Content and Copyright Issues

– Creator making his voice sound like Drake and the Weeknd

– Legal challenge with AI-generated content

– Bette Midler case and possibility of introducing legislation


  1. Using AI to Help Creativity

– Chat GPT for creative results

– Tips for getting the best responses from Chat GPT

– AI as a time-saving tool that frees up time


  1. AI in the Creative Process

– AI for creativity in music, business, and marketing

– Human involvement necessary for successful use of AI

– Sports blogs and AI-written game summaries leading to decline in readership


  1. AI and Artist Rights

– Need for updated laws regarding AI’s impact on artists and their rights

– Potential threat vs. AI as a way for artists to be more creative and efficient

– Creating AI collabs with artists while avoiding trademark infringement and using templates


  1. Transparency and AI in Creative Process

– Fan response to transparency in using AI creatively

– Lying about using AI and causing trademark infringement issues.

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