Musician Webinars

Want to get a taste of how we think around here? Come listen in to one of our musician webinars and give yourself the edge you need.

Artist Bio Webinar

Many bios lack the elements needed to inspire both fans and media. Artists often miss this opportunity to captivate their audiences. This webinar will help guide you through all the essentials to create a memorable artist bio.

Marketing Upgrade Webinar

Ariel teamed up with Cheryl B. Engelhardt, an independent musician and composer who’s killing it with all things indie. Cheryl happens to be a huge dork with email and will give you a great marketing upgrade in this webinar.

Facebook Advertising Webinar

Michael Shoup of 12 South Marketing will teach you 5 Steps to Simplify Your Life and answer the one question artists, songwriters, and producers should ask before starting Facebook advertising.

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