Eli Lev

The real value of their services lies in their Total Tuneups. Mine gave me the ability to understand what type of artist I am, where my music would most likely find success, and who to connect me within the industry at the right time.

Eli Lev
the krickets

The process at Cyber PR covers everything you didn’t know needed to be covered. They make sure your campaign stays relevant from beginning to end and that you learn as well. If you are trying to decide, just do it.

The Krickets
jetty rae

If you’re looking for someone who listens, makes time for you, thinks strategically, and gets results, I recommend that you consider Ariel and her team for your next album launch campaign.

Jason Stewart, Manager, Jetty Rae
meghan swartz

Working with Ariel & Kayla is like getting to work with a combination of mentor, business advisor, and good friend. Ariel knows how to immediately get to the heart of the project, and they dive into the work, head first! I feel inspired by their energy.

Meghan Swartz

Cyber PR has unlocked the mystery of how to apply our music online. They’ve created a one year plan for us that is easy to apply, purposeful, and professional. They assessed our strengths and weaknesses, and gave real, usable remedies.

jeff oster

From the very beginning and to the end of my campaign, I was blown away by the effectiveness, professionalism, follow through and results. In a music business defined by rapid change, Cyber PR nailed it. I couldn’t be happier, and highly recommend them.

Jeff Oster
derek sivers

Ariel is one of my best friends, because I so admire the way that she thinks. She is my online marketing guru.

Derek Sivers

Their insightful Total Tuneup helped me envision and execute on a whole new business. Best money I’ve ever spent.

Andrew McCluskey, Founder, Musicto

Ariel helped me promote my most successful album to date. She gave me advice that I still profit from in my career.

kira small

Ariel and her team honed in on a branding approach that gave me much more focus than I’d had in the past. Their skill in navigating a side of the music business I knew nothing about was invaluable and I’m thrilled with the results!

Kira Small
nate maingard

Working with Lorne was a holistic experience; he delved deep into not only the practicalities of my career, but also the deeper motivations and emotions behind my art. The result was a powerfully insightful, inspiring biography.

Nate Maingard
mark braud

I needed a website up and running just in time for my album release, and Ariel and Kayla saved the day. Only two days after we got started, I had a website (that I love) up and running! Thank you so much.

Mark Braud

LABS Success Stories

I have taken several marketing, promotional, and goal planning courses over the past few years and this is by far the best. All of the LABS are invaluable with a wealth of information and an innovative approach. The assignments help in keeping focus. This was tailor-made for my interests.

Jawanza Kobie

I really appreciate her [Suz’s] ‘real talk’ and down-to-earth tone. And I also appreciate that she seems to be addressing the issues of anxiety and overwhelm that independent artists face in the current climate of this industry.

Michele Thomas

Each of the Cyber PR LABS brings a new expert with a different voice and they have all helped me level up how I think about my music business… the truly transformative parts of LAB 8 are the Action Sheets. They help you to deeply understand the kind of partnerships & sponsorships that will be fruitful for you as an artist.

David Diers

One of the things I’ve learned in the LABS is how to communicate in one sentence exactly who I am and what I am trying to do with each video and song I put out.

Happy Ron