The most difficult thing for an artist or musician to do is stay motivated. Motivation propels your career forward. If you’re going to get anywhere as a musician, it’ll be through successful goal setting. That’s why I am happy to announce…

The Cyber PR Music Podcast is Relaunched!

Show Notes: Episode 1:  Goal Setting For Musicians


Welcome to Episode One of the Cyber PR Music Podcast. Over the past 23 years since I started Cyber PR, I realize that having a “hyphenated career” is essential for all of us as artists and industry peeps to learn a lot of things. Therefore…

The Cyber PR Music Podcast Will be a Combination of 2 Things:

  1. Presenting my articles, parts of my books and observations in short form (approx 15 minutes each episode).
  2. Interviews with people furthering the conversation about marketing and PR in the music business.

Very few of us have goals written out with timelines attached and this is precisely why I wanted to start this podcast series with this topic.

There Are Two Types of Goals

Big Picture / Long Term Goals  – What do you want your music to represent in this world and what is your intention for it?  Why do you make music in the first place? What will you be thinking about when you lie on your death bed in regards to what you created?

Actionable Step Goals / Short Term Goals – These are the steps that create the map to your own personal success. Releasing your next music, taking your next tour, etc. They are goals easy to achieve and push you along in your career.

These work like a map so that you can actually get to where you want to go.

Note: Goals and Metrics are two separate things – I talk to so many artists who want metrics (like I want 1M streams on Spotify), but they don’t have a GOAL around the desire for the metric. Make sure that you differentiate.

Write Down Your Goals:

Start With Big Picture / Long Term Goals

With long-term goals, you want to put a 5 or 10-year timeline around these goals. They should be big and exciting.

Next, Get Detailed Actionable Step Goals / Short Term Goals

Branding – This includes your look, feel, image, and/or your health. It can also be your pitch, bio, unveiling your story, etc.

Marketing – What will you do for your marketing? Will you be hiring an assistant or a company to help?

NewsletterCreating and sending it 12 – 24 times a year (1-2 times a month) is a very great way of not only keeping your audience in the loop, but is also an attainable goal. Also, you’ll want to set a goal on getting the numbers up on your mailing list while flushing out the inactive emails addresses on the list.

Website  – How is your website looking? Is it time to build a new one, diversify your online presence, or re-brand?

Social Media  – When was the last time you took stock in your overall social media goals? More specifically, Instagram?

Music PR – This includes getting coverage on online outlets (blogs, podcasts, websites). Are people talking about you in the blogosphere?

Booking – Are you thinking about touring or playing local gigs? Maybe a combination of both?

Downloads, Streams & Merch Sales – What will you release, distribute, and sell and where? What are your goal numbers around these?

Licensing – Will you work towards this in the near future in this domain? In other words, are you wishing to have your music available for others to use with proper licensing?

Expanding and Maintaining Your Fan Base – How will you focus on new fan outreach while still acknowledging and appreciating those who have been true fans of yours for years?

Team – Will you be trying to get a manager or a booking agent?

Writing & Recording – Are you going to be songwriting or recording an album or EP in the coming months?

Instruments & Learning – Will you be buying a new instrument or taking lessons?

Time Management – Find a way you can manage and balance your time to make sure you can focus on your musical goals.

Money – How much money would you honestly and realistically like to earn a year?

How To Write Down Your Goals

Write down each goal as if it is already happening. Add a date and remember it can’t rely on someone else.

Be pragmatic – make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. Start with something that is easy to do that you can check off of your goals list easily.

If you don’t know where to start, try practicing the KonMari / Marie Kondo method on your studio or closet. This can help clear out what may be cluttering your mind and keeping you from getting your goals activated in the first place.

Write Down 5 Successes Each Day

Write down five little victories each day. Once you start getting into this habit, you are training yourself to put the focus on the positive and get your brain to stop being so critical.

Put a notebook next to your bed and each day write down 5 things. Be sure one or two of them are music or band related.

Make Lists

Make daily lists of what you need to do to get your goals met – the night before!

Do the hardest thing first in the morning, don’t be a procrastinator. By getting the most daunting task done first, everything else will seem like a breeze.

Delegate the little activities that waste your valuable time to other people.

Don’t overload yourself – studies show that 6 tasks is the maximum you can achieve in one day!

If you have a day job, remember that you probably don’t have as many hours in the day as you think you do, so start with 1-2 tasks a day.

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Marie Kondo and the KonMari decluttering method

T Harv Eker mindset and money coach

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The Musician’s Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals on the Cyber PR Music Blog.

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