Booking sucks.

It’s the hardest part of the puzzle for many independent artists, as it is not easy to book shows for yourself effectively. And, of course, everyone wants to offload the booking to an agent.

When I ran my own booking agency, I received over 100 packages per week from eager bands desperate to get a booking agent.

And I got dozens of calls every single day from artists asking me if they could open up for my tours.

After I closed my booking agency there was one booking consultation company that I began to hear wonderful things about. They are instrumental in helping artists effectively book shows and tours.

That company is Indie On The Move (IOTM). IOTM is co-founded by Kyle Weber.

Here’s IOTM’s Kyle Weber answering 12 of the most frequently asked questions he gets asked…

1.) Tell us a little about yourself and why you love working with artists.

My name is Kyle Weber and I’m the president and co-founder of Indie on the Move, a music venues database and tour booking resource that connects musicians, managers, agents, labels, and promoters w/ music venues across the US. I’m a musician myself and I’ve booked tour dates as the band, an agent, and a venue and have been able to teach thousands of others how to do the same through the Indie on the Move platform. I love working with artists because I am one myself.

2.) Explain why performing live is so important?

It is one of the best ways to truly connect with existing fans and is a great way to win over new ones.

3.) A lot of beginning artists think that if they spend loads of money on a booking agent, they will be able to tour all over the country and gain tons of fans, what would you say about that?

I would say that that is not guaranteed. Furthermore, most agents with the ability to deliver on big shows want to see that acts are already able to book and tour on their own before signing on.
4.) At what point in an artist’s career should they hire a booking agent?
Once they have been able to book their own successful tours. After that, an agent can feel earning 20% will be worth their effort and connections.
5.) Does an artist need a booking agent, or is it possible to book shows on their own?
You can absolutely book shows on your own. You just need to learn how to. With my old band Zelazowa, we played over 600 shows in 3 years all over the US . We also  did two tours of Europe, all independently.
6.) How does an artist go about getting their first show in a city they have never been in?
You have to be able to put together a solid pitch. After that you need a strong have an online presence to back up that pitch. Next, you need to be able to find the right venues in that city that fit where you are in that particular market.
7.) What are some ways that an artist can become attractive to clubs and promoters?

You need to be able to convince them that you are good at what you do and that your show at their club would be successful.

8.) Is it true that an artist needs to have thousands of followers on social platforms to get booked for a show?
Absolutely not. Thousands of follows online helps, but there is no guarantee that those people will convert to hard ticket sales. Artists need to know how to promote to get people through the door, whether that be directly or indirectly through other acts.
9.) What advice would you give an artist who has never played a live show before, and isn’t sure how to start?
Video tape a mock performance in your rehearsal space and then critique. It is one thing to play the songs correctly and it’s another to perform them. Once you feel your performance is ready, then reach out via the appropriate booking channel. Hint we provide all that info on IOTM. With little performance experience, expect to rely mostly on your friends/fans/draw and to perform on an off-night.
10.) What are the key components that an artist’s pitch needs to have before sending them to music venues?
I look at them in 4 parts: intro, availability, resume, and promotion.
11.) What are certain things that need to be mentioned to a booker to get the gig?
Past performance experiences are one of the best ways to sell a talent buyer on booking an act.
12.) What should an artist expect when hiring a booking agent?
It depends on the agent honestly. You could expect someone to take care of everything for you, but you also have to do some or a lot of  work on your end. Do your due diligence ahead of time before signing on with anyone.

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