Music PR has radically changed over the past few years and it will continue to do so.  It is an important part of Musician’s strategy overall and there is much to learn about music publicity.

Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: Planning Your Music Release – Pt. 2

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These Musician Marketing Plan posts are the most popular series on this site. They are fully updated for 2020. Do you have a plan for your next music release? This [...]

How to Find Research & Hire a Music Publicist: From The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity

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My team and I speak to a lot of musicians who want a music publicist. What continues to baffle us is the fact that many of the artists who contact us [...]

When to Hire A Music Publicist & Crowdfunding Tips for Musicians [Video]

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My dear friends Ross and Marcio of Bridge the Atlantic had me as a guest their vodcast / podcast. We talked about effective crowdfunding for musicians, the weird world of music [...]