Pushtok is a brand new company that helps connect artists with TikTok creators. Pushtok allows you to run a paid campaign with TikTok by working with creators you feel fit your brand. The connection and integration is easy and produces very positive results. We will break down the importance of Pushtok and how to make it work for you.

What Does Pushtok Offer?

In order to understand the importance of Pushtok, we first must discuss what it offers. With Pushtok, the goal is not to become a huge TikTok creator. The goal is to become a musician who has fans that will buy tickets, merch, etc. The influencer marketing tactic we use is a platform that’s here to build and release content that comes out within the next few months. As an artist, you search through the number of creators we offer and pick one within your budget and your needs. You make a direct connection with the creator you wish and draft a contract with them without any third party affiliates.

What Are The Top Trends? 

We frequently see trends on TikTok from new dances, makeup tutorials, daily movement, and many others. For musicians, the best trend to participate in is posting daily about your music. You want to constantly create context around your music. This means introducing yourself and your mission statement, talking about what your song is about, or tacking onto another trend. With musicians, the key goal is to get your music heard. You have to create attention and traction towards your website and your music.


honestly a cold, wet, terrifying experience

♬ im all alone – lael


Ads: What Are The Best Ones To Use And How

There are certain methods that work best with ad algorithm. In order to have the ad perform positively and effectively, you have to be a native user on TikTok. It’s a completely different voice than Instagram and Facebook. Having a banner of your album with a caption saying “Out Now” is not very effective on TikTok. With TikTok, you want to be more authentic and talk about what your music is about. You want to be more personal and hook people within the first few seconds. The most important part of making the ad is being creative. A good way to practice the effectiveness of your ad is with a friend. Comment, tag, and share with a friend who’s native to the platform when you’re first starting out. See what sticks and what doesn’t. Once you get your hook, you can maneuver your CTA (call to action) however you want.

Ad Structure

There is a structure you want to follow to generate the most engagement. You start with your hook, which has to be eye-catching and intriguing. Then you go into the story. The story is typically recommended to have some personal anecdote attached to it. Then you end with your CTA. This is the part where you promote your music, product, or brand.

Here’s a non-musical example if you’re having trouble imagining this:

Hook: “Do you ever have this issue with emptying your vacuum cleaner and dust spreads everywhere?”

Story: I’ve had asthma for a long time and I love cleaning but I can’t handle the vacuum. So I started experimenting with a new product.”

CTA: “This is the new product that will produce no dust. Get a 15% discount from ordering today!”

In order for this to succeed, artists need to be much more personal and concise with their creations. You have to be able to take a 3 minute song and explain it in 15 seconds. If you’re able to do this, you’ll have a much bigger effect on your brand. Below is an excellent example of how to get personal and make it about your music at the same time. This an incredibly effective way to get people to listen to your music.


Am I doing the right thing? I really hope so. Help me out tiktok #justdancemoves #merrychristmas #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #viral #trendingsong

♬ Season’s Greetings – Linneah

TikTok’s Community

TikTok is a community. You have to be an authentic member of the platform in order to get a lot of organic traffic. You have to find where your song fits within the niche.


#Inverted don’t worry i was driving 10&2 when i filmed this. SONG OUT NOW LINK IN BIO #emo #alt #punk #poppunk #naruto

♬ Happy, Healthy, Well-Adjusted – Max Bennett Kelly

This artist got his start on TikTok with the video listed above. After generating many views, he decides to keep it going. On his TikTok account, you will countless of the same or similar videos all containing his original single. Each video he uploads with his single he creates something that fits the song and his brand. Within a month, he went from thousands of views to 2.5M. He even got a shoutout from Netflix and they gifted him with a free account. His captions also contain a CTA as he writes “Posting this song until…” and finishes it off with something that makes sense and fits the content.

What Is The Boost Feature You Can Use To Advertise?

Pushtok is not currently implemented within TikTok, it is a separate app. However, Pushtok contains many analytics coming from TikTok and can understand the algorithm better than running ads yourself. What Pushtok does is create targeted ads on TikTok. Pushtok will take your video and match it with the right audience. Your video then gets sent to that audience and will pop up on their feed. Unfortunately, you cannot target a specific creator just yet, but a good targeted audience can still get you quite far.

What Will My Budget Get Me?

On average, campaigns have a budget on or around $500. With TikTok Ads, this budget will get you in the range of 2M views and over 800 pre-saves on the song you’re promoting. The lowest budget you can possibly have is $150. However, this budget is 5x less powerful if you’re doing it on your own.

What Are General Ad Tips?

There are three key tips to keep in mind when creating your ad:

  1. Keep your ads as short as they possibly can be. Being lean is super crucial as long as you tell the story in the shortest way possible.
  2. Have the most interesting stuff way up front. Have a very strong hook to reel people in and include keywords in your hook such as trending or popular references.
  3. Find a way to naturally put these references way up front, the discovery engine works by those keywords.

This is the sequel to “Beach House” that took us 5 years to write #summersong #indiemusic

♬ Beach House ii – HOAX

This band is a great example of how targeted ads can help reach a wide audience. The band only has a few posts, possibly new to the platform, and is able to engage their audience. Their Spotify shows that their single already has over 2M streams even while the band only has over 2,000 followers.

Final Thoughts


Some final takeaways of using hashtags is to not use many. Hashtags shouldn’t be too broad. To really get within that niche and to increase the chances of coming up on feeds of your targeted audience, you have to be specific. Be as narrow as you can. There is also no definitive research that proves the #fyp is very effective. If the video isn’t that good, the algorithm won’t choose your video. The largest component here is about the creativity and the content. You want the video to speak for itself. Worry about content before hashtags.


In order to see if the ads are working, you want to set some goals. There are are some general numbers you can use to gauge the success of the ad. Typically, you want 20-40% of people going to your landing page and pre-saving your music. The point of the ad is to generate more pre-saves, but it ultimately depends on how creative you are and how much money you can put into it. A good goal to have is around 1,000-2,000 pre-saves, which can also get you a substantial email list. Don’t pay too much attention to try to increase your Spotify streams by much because it’s difficult for TikTok to blow your streams out of the water.


Do not approach your first video by boosting it right away. First, you want to find your voice on TikTok and what you feel comfortable with in terms of advertising your music and your brand. Once you see people start engaging with your content, then you can look into ads. You do have the option to create the ad yourself by pressing the “Promote” button, although it’s not recommended. Using the Pushtok platform is going to be so much more effective because they are professionals and have a successful algorithm.

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