At this point, everyone knows about the social media giant, TikTok. Whether it be the dance trends or the drama that comes from the platform, it has become a household name, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of the big influencers on TikTok are pretty young, but what some people don’t realize is that TikTok can be utilized by anybody of any age, ESPECIALLY musicians.


For anyone who wants some help when it comes to how to get a start on TikTok or who to look up to, here are some tips!


Utilize Hashtags – Especially Trending Ones!

So, for people who don’t really know about social media, a # symbol is not just a pound key on your phone. It is known to the younger generation as a hashtag. Hashtags help to group videos on TikTok and other forms of social media and show them to people who are interested in that type of content. For artists, there is the #musiciansoftiktok hashtag, the #band hashtag, or a multitude of others. 

Additionally, the trending hashtags on Tik Tok change daily, so do your research as to what tag is most popular to add to your caption before posting! As you can see below, the trending tags such as #90sAesthetic and #NowLookAtThis show up in the “Discover” page.

For every 3-4 music or content related hashtags you use, try to pull ONE trending hashtag that is relevant to your video.


Keep Up With Trends

One of the main things that big TikTokers utilize are trends. These usually have to do with dances, viral sounds, or pranks, but there are also trends that heavily involve musicians. They include posting covers of popular songs, writing your own lyrics over an instrumental, or singing a duet with another creator on TikTok. Check out this example of Dustin Phillips (@thedustinphillips) providing the instrumentation and harmonies behind someone singing “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.

You can also utilize trends by putting your own spin on the sound that people are using, as Dustin did in the video below. By making your own original sound, people will be able to use it in their videos and gain you more exposure. It’s a great way to show your creativity and engage with popular sounds as a musician! If you need more information about how to create an original sound, check out our blog post all about it.

Interact With Your Audience

Something that is important when it comes to any social media account is making sure you stay engaged with your fans. TikTok has a fun feature where you are able to put someone’s comment in your video. Something that could help get a TikToker traction is asking their audience to send them suggestions or requests for what they should do in their videos.

Danny Fisher (@dannyfishermusic) took a suggestion of mixing “Carol of the Bells” with the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. There is also an option to duet other users’ videos. It can be either a response to what they are talking about or just you showing them support. Duetting other people’s TikToks is a great way to interact with your audience and engage with their content. Watch his example here!


Post Consistently

TikTok is just like any other social media site; it has an algorithm. One thing that helps people get on more users’ for you pages is having a consistent posting schedule. Basically, don’t post one video of your song and then disappear from the platform for a week and a half. If you post at least two or three times a week and stay active on your account, TikTok will be more likely to promote your content.


Be Yourself!

At the end of the day, people are just on TikTok to see fun, original content from people who have some sort of passion for what they do. Whether you’re making vlogs, creating little skits, or participating in trends, nobody wants to watch someone doing something that seems forced, so don’t try and be something you’re not for views. Just post your content the way you want it! With over 800 million active users worldwide, there is going to be an audience for your content, no matter what it is.

If you need more inspiration, we have a blog post up about 7 Tik Tokkers who are crushing it at music promotion!


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