We all know Instagram Ads have been around for a while and have some amazing analytics and many people have successfully used Instagram Ads on their Feed. Today we are going to discuss the pros of using Ad placements on Instagram Stories.

Why Choose Stories For Ads?

As we should already know, Instagram Stories gets the most traction out of all their features. According to Instagram, one in five stories gets a direct message from from viewers. With engagement already being so high, it makes sharing Ads all the more accessible. These Ads counter the general Feed Ads that Instagram has had for years. What is nice about Stories for Ads is that it is fully immersive and takes over the viewer’s entire screen. Best part about it is the Ad looks organic.

Using Links and CTAs For Engagement

The best part about these Ads on Stories is that you can add links to your website, shop, or product services right within the Story post as part of the Ad. All the viewers need to do is swipe up on the CTA to be directly brought to the desired product advertised. Instagram has also expanded their outreach to include 7 objective Story Ads. These are:

  • Brand Awareness: using Ads increases awareness for your brand by finding people who are more likely to be interested in it
  • Reach: Stories allows your Ads to be seen by a maximum number of people
  • Video Views: by posting video clips on your stories, you’ll be increasing viewership for video content
  • Conversions: you can use CTAs to bring people over to your website
  • App Installs: use Ads to sponsor your apps and use Stories to get more people to launch your app
  • Lead Generation: using Ads on Stories can also drive viewers to obtain email addresses and phone numbers
  • Traffic: of course you can use CTAs on Stories to create more traffic towards your website

How To Set Up Instagram Story Ads

Just like creating a regular Feed Ad, you’ll want to target your audience for a Stories Ad. Take a look at demographics, budget, and location. You can set this up through Instagram or through Facebook. You can also run the same ad on different platforms, but considering how creative and unique Story Ads are, we recommend creating individual ads for Instagram. When thinking about what to display, we suggest something with volume. Studies show that 60% of Stories are viewed with sound. You also want to make sure your brand and product are front and center. You want to catch the viewer’s attention from the get-go. Just in case they swipe before the end of your Ad, you want to make sure they noticed what you’re selling and what your brand is about.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, Check These Out:


We took a look at HootSuite‘s statistics they released at the beginning of the year 2022 regarding Instagram’s insights. What we found is that Stories continue to do well with the buying and selling of products before Ads for Stories officially launched in March 2021. We noticed that of the 4,500 people surveyed, 58% said they become more interested in a product or brand after seeing it on someone’s Story. There are also 50% of people who visited a website to purchase a product or service as a result of seeing it on Stories. Due to its engaging and creative capabilities, Stories Ads are able to keep the attention of viewers by 89% with CTAs, 80% with audio, and 75% with central placed text.


Below are some excellent examples of two artists, Jhene Aiko and H.E.R, who not only use Ads on Stories, but also save it to their highlights for people to revisit and any moment in time. As we can see with Jhene, she promotes her music and her merch on her stories and provides links that take viewers directly to the product or service they are viewing. With H.E.R, she followed the same format as Jhene, but she also partnered with other brands for her ads, making her ads more immersive and engaging for her viewers.

Jhene aiko story highlights

story CTA musicmerch story ad

H.E.R. Fender story ad

H.E.R. story music H.E.R. story ad partnership

We hope you enjoyed learning about utilizing Ads on Instagram Stories! Not ready to tackle Instagram on your own? We can help! Fill out our Work With Us form to get started today.

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