TikTok is the latest social media platform to go mainstream. More importantly, it has become a giant hub for music and viral videos.


Want to know how to get your music used as a sound on TikTok?

There are two different ways to go about it.

Uploading your own sound manually

The DIY way to go about using your song as a TikTok sound is buy manually uploading the sound. It is a pretty simple set up – but if you don’t go through a distributor, you won’t be getting any cash from it.

Step One: Upload a video clip with the audio you’d like to use as a sound.

Step Two: Click the spinning profile photo on the bottom right corner of the video.

Step Three: Click the little pen to change the sound name, we recommend “Song Name – Artist Name”

Using a distribution platform


TuneCore has outlined the ways in which TikTok streams can get you money. It’s as simple as choosing it during your release upload.

They charge $9.99 per single upload, and $29.99 per album upload to TikTok – but we have a special deal to share with you! Click here for 20% off on your first single or album distribution through TuneCore!


Symphonic has just announced that they have partnered with TikTok to start distribution on that platform!

When you’re creating your release in Symphonic, there is a new feature titled “Clip Start Time.” This is where you will choose the section of your song that will be used as a TikTok sound.

The duration of the video sound will be 30 seconds long, so be sure to choose a section of your song that will work for the platform – i.e. a clip that can be used to create a dance challenge, a comedic trend, or an acting trend. A lot of people use these sounds to make jokes with the lyrics, like this video.

Once you’ve done this, make sure you select “TikTok” for delivery. You can also adjust your Clip times with an edit and re-delivery. There is more information on that in this blog post from Symphonic.

CD Baby

CD Baby started distributing to TikTok in January of this year. They made it available for both new releases and previously released music.

For a new release, make sure you are opted in to “music distribution to streaming platforms.”

If your music has already been released through CD Baby, they automatically are releasing it to TikTok.

They’ve made this process incredibly easy if you ask me!


Distrokid seems to have gone the simple route that CD Baby paved.

For new releases, simply tik the box titled “TikTok” when uploading music. For old releases, you can click “Add more stores,” choose “TikTok,” and click “Add.” If you don’t see a “TikTok” option there, then you’ve already distributed to that platform.

There are countless other distribution platforms sending their artist’s music to TikTok, these are just some of our favorites.

If we had to recommend one, we would say that Symphonic sounds like the best option. They have customization of clip time, which is something that is extremely important for a platform like TikTok.

Make sure to use your own sound once you’ve uploaded it as well as follow other trends on the app to grow your following on that platform!

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