TikTok has become a hub for music discovery in every genres, but it has proven to be one of the best ways to get some hype for independent projects. Getting your music noticed on TikTok is no easy feat, but there are some key trends that you can follow to boost your music on this platform. Here are 6 examples of people who are using the app to get their music heard (and it’s working!).

Note: Even though Trump has signed the executive order to ban TikTok from US App Stores, if you have previously downloaded the app – nothing is changing.

Benji Patterson


Hi my name is Benji. This is my story. #newmusicartist #newmusic #inspirational #motivational #chasingmydreams #benjipatterson #fyp #foryou #trending

♬ original sound – Benji Patterson

Benji used an incredibly creative and engaging vertical video to showcase his musical journey. He used the platform to inspire viewers and connect with them through sharing his personal aspirations.

Emily Deahl


I’ll do this everyday til My Baby Hates Me gets into the top 100. Comment what u think I should do next! #OneLoveOneHeart #summervlog #newmusic #song

♬ original sound – Emily Deahl

This is one of – if not the – most dedicated independent musician we’ve come across. Emily spent days recording herself doing absolutely ridiculous things to get her music heard. One of which is the video above. Shock value and hard work are one great combination!



share > copy link > cancel ✨ I shot & edited a video about advice people give me vs. what my brain wants me to do. Should I release it? #mentalhealth

♬ everything at once – Mothica

Mothica has been very successful in getting her music noticed on TikTok. She shot this mini music video for her song Everything At Once, showcasing her mental health struggles. This is relatable and helps the people watching immediately connect with her. She also utilized her comment to tell her viewers exactly how to help blow her video up: share > copy link > cancel.

Sean Gerty


#indie #artist #tiktok #is #awesome #fyp

♬ Sunset Wife – Emmett Mulrooney & Sean Gerty

This video appealed to the niche community on TikTok that regularly supports indie artists. He took advantage of that by directly aiming the video towards them. He, too, asked for an action at the end of the video: like, comment, share > other > cancel, and let the audience know that the song they were hearing in the background was his.

Cayley Spivey


Not me trying to introduce new people to my music via the fyp 😳 #song #lgbt #sfu #tiktok #foryoupage #music #singing #fyp #featureme #wow #usemysound

♬ SFU BY CAYLEY SPIVEY – Cayley Spivey

Cayley took a more low-key approach to try getting her music noticed on TikTok with a cute lip synched video of her song “SFU.” This is a very common type of video on TikTok. Again, she told viewers how they could help her.

Simon John


Ill be waiting 🙂 #foryou #aesthetic #frankocean #indieartist #tylerthecreator #workdistractions #danielcaesar

♬ Wrote for You – Simon John

This artist took the approach of offering something! A playlist – personally delivered via DM by himself. People love free stuff. If you can’t offer a playlist, offer something else – like a vinyl, a bracelet, sticker, etc.

Getting your music noticed on TikTok can seem like a huge leap, but simply following in these artist’s footsteps could possibly help launch your career! It’s working for them – and it could work for you.

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