Your online presence starts with your website. Social sites may come and go, but your website is your home base online. Your site is where you establish your brand and your signature story as well as build your SEO. This is why it is crucial to have an effective website and keep it updated.  

A myth that still prevails about having an effective online presence is that you need to pay a lot of money for a website. Back in the ‘90s when many of us first came online, it was par for the course to hire web designers who charged a pretty penny for custom sites. With today’s technology, website builders and open source options abound and an effective website can be created for minimal upfront costs and/or a monthly hosting fee. For those of you who need guidance on how to get started on an affordable website this week of Social Media House is for you.

Many creative entrepreneurs spend way too much money and time when building websites because they have trouble keeping it simple. There is science behind what makes an effective website.

Your Website Exists to Do 3 Things:

  1.  Give you rank in Google ranking that is all your own (you don’t own Facebook or Twitter or Soundcloud, etc.) you DO own your domain.
  2.    Clearly explain the basics about you – the 5 Ws = Who, What, When, Where, Why.
  3.    Help you capture and engage fans.

Your Website Checklist
In Action Sheet #2 I will take you through a questionnaire that will help you diagnose what needs to be updated and changed. You will be able to determine exactly what course to take.

How To Post A Perfect Press Kit On Your Website
Action Sheet 2.1 will help you post a perfect press kit on your site so that bloggers, bookers, and industry people can easily get the information that is most important for them.

Watch week two’s videos:


Week 2: A Frank Talk About What You REALLY Need To Do With Your Website


Week 2: Your Website 2

 New Call-to-action

Throughout the video I talk about “Weeks” and “the forums” because at one time this course was available only through a paid forum and it was a 9-Week process. The course is 9 parts and you can take the ones that resonate with you and skip the ones that don’t! If you want feedback – please add a comment and the Cyber PR team will respond!

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