Since the invention of the Internet, there has not been anything like this… This is what countless experts and scholars are decreeing.

Why you may be thinking – we’ve had Siri and Alexa for years.  And why should you care? You’re busy AF dealing with all the stuff you need to do to keep your musical dreams alive already.

This article is going to unpack why you should care and how you can harness the power of artificial intelligence to save you potentially hundreds of hours per year.  

Imagine what you could do with hundreds of extra hours per year if you relied on AI to help you work smarter and automate repetitive tasks when it comes to social media.

What is ChatGPT

Here’s the definition from Wikipedia

“ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022…ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and quickly garnered attention for its detailed responses and articulate answers across many domains of knowledge.”

It is pulling from incomprehensible amounts of information from the internet which has pros and cons which will be another post. The resulting experience is conversational as the bot remembers all of your interactions. Your conversations will build as you get better at training it how to respond to and help you.

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Ethical Concerns

I know you may have read that ChatGPT is banned in some schools already and there are ethical concerns about using AI Tools. There is a lot to unpack here around this subject and this conversation will be evolving as time goes on but I would be remiss if I didn’t bring this up as part of the full picture.  There are a lot of articles, news stories and videos and I encourage you to do your own research as I am focusing on how this saves you time and providing you with tools that will help you 

Here’s an excerpt from Sarah Threet at Heinz Marketing from an article that is well worth a read called Artificial Intelligence Marketing and Ethics: Leverage AI Technologies While Remaining an Ethical Marketer

Benefit: AI tools can create content, such as graphics, and writing, such as newsletters, social media posts, email curation, and social replies. This saves time through automation, which effectively saves on overhead, and maintains personalization and relevancy through learning. 

Ethical concern: This data may have been obtained unethically, using artist content for learning without consent, and in some cases, AI-created art beating out human artists in art competitions and for illustrator, developer, and designer positions. While there is an open debate about what constitutes art and how to credit AI art, the biggest concern about AI art is how the art used for learning was originally obtained.

Note ChatGPT Limitations 

As you can see in the graphic below, ChatGPT gives you fair warning that it may occasionally generate incorrect information – this is something to be aware of – you must fact check what it returns (dates and specific historical data for example). I was testing it to generate facts about my clients vintage guitar collection and at first was thrilled with the results but soon realized that the information that was being returned was not altogether accurate when it came to years and names.

Also note- ChatGPT is not connected to the internet so if you are used to Google this will take some relearning.  Also, it doesn’t have any information past 2021 so don’t ask it for any cutting-edge social media strategy you have read about this month or recent date-related info.

How Do You “Get” Chat GPT

It’s currently a web application so you will need to be on a computer that is connected to the Internet.

To sign up go here:

You will see this:

ChatGPT Homepage

Next, type in whatever you want to ask or know – ask questions, have it generate ideas or lists, or request specific copy for social meda. ChatGPT learns from a vast amount of text data meaning it has been fed countless books, articles, and web pages about social media, online marketing, funnels, email creation, short form video best practices, and hashtags (to barely scratch the surface of what it can help with)

It’s All About The Prompts

You will soon see that in order to get really compelling and helpful responses you will need to understand how to craft and use “prompts.” 

What is a Chat GPT Prompt?

There are thousands of videos and articles that discuss prompts and databases filling up with prompts that you can research – but I decided to turn directly to Chat GPT to ask how to communicate with it  Here’s the response:

ChatGPT prompt examples

Test Your Prompts

You will want to test many and refine them using different words and phrases.

Here are some tips for prompts:

Keep in mind that ChatGPT doesn’t have access to or search the internet so you cant ask it in the way you Google.

Be clear and use short sentences. Prompts that are too long or detailed won’t return clear results.

Don’t ask open-ended questions or ones that could return yes or no answers

It takes a bit of work to get responses to not sound cheesy but with a little finessing you can have it creating social posts (along with hashtags and emojis if you’d like) that you can edit and it’s a game changer as far as helping to generate ideas that you can build on.

“ACT AS” – Are Magic Words

In order to receive responses that will help you the most you need to help ChatGPT understand its role in your requests. This will also help shape the tone of what you receive.

Here are a few examples:

Act as a tour guide

Act as a motivational speaker 

Act as a professional guitar player

Act as a snarky music journalist 

Act as Mick Jagger

Act as Florence Welch


Editing Is Crucial 

You will need to edit and re-write whatever ChatGPT generates. The content it will create will feel “almost” like a real live person wrote it, but it will lack your specific touch and style will need your touch to humanize it and make it sound non-spammy/cheesy.

Extra Note: I asked it for several date-related things like “tell me about some things that happened in music on June 20th (I was trying to create a “This day in music history” post). I asked several ways and for several specific dates and it never returned a correct date – so be sure to fact-check everything before you post.

Social Media Platform Starter Prompts

When you add your prompts you can start by letting Chat GPT know which platform you would like it to create for

Instagram – Can you create 4 Instagram posts in the style of [fill in your style] about [copy and paste an article or add a subject] 

Facebook – Can you create 3 Facebook posts based on this [copy and paste article] OR about my new single dropping on [add date] which is about [add subject and details]

TikTok – Please wrote a TikTok Script based on how I prepare for my live shows [feed it examples of what your show day looks like with times] 

Twitter – Create 10 tweets that are promoting my new Single [add drop date and as many details as you can]

YouTube – Can you give me a creative title for youtube for my tour vlog to [add place] in the style of [add style or person’s name] 

Blog – I want you to act as a travel guide. I will be in [name the place – a city, a venue, a recording studio, etc.]  and you will suggest a place to visit near this place. I would like to visit [name specifically what you want; coffee shop,  jazz club, guitar store, etc].

Spotify – Please write me 5 social media posts that announce my newest single release [add title i.e. “Hard to Love”] on Spotify use15 different emoji and popular hashtags about love 

There you have it – I hope I have shed some light on how to use this powerful new tool.  

I will be posting many more articles about ChatGPT in the future. Stay tuned.

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