Streaming and social media platforms have completely revolutionized the music industry. With how fast they change, it can often feel impossible to wrap your head around it all.

Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records and Beats Electronics, took a moment to share his thoughts on the industry with the people at New York Times. According to Iovine, “Drake and Billie Eilish stream more than the entire decade of the 1980s.”

Billie Eilish Streams Spotify Cyber PR Music Ariel Hyatt

We found this statistic particularly interesting because it shows just how massive the stars of today are. It also implies that streaming platforms favor newer artists as opposed to those from previous decades.

In order for any artist in the 1980s to achieve real success it was imperative they secured the backing of a label. But today, independent artists have more power than ever. We have social media to thank for that!

Social media has drastically leveled the playing field. First, it provides an outlet for artists to cultivate their brand. It also provides artists realtime access to their fans whenever and wherever they like. Social media also helps artists by integrating streaming platforms with their apps. When people share a song on their Instagram story or in a TikTok, the credits are included.

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As more social media platforms arise, artists have more opportunities to gain popularity. Increases in exposure lead to a rise in number of streams, followers and fans.

That being said, we know social media can be overwhelming. Getting organized definitely helps! Click below to download our free Social Media Organizer. Happy posting!

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