Music Branding is vital to your success as an artist. Learn how to create a cohesive music brand across all of your websites and social channels as well as in real life.

Musician’s Website: Building an Effective & Affordable Music Website

2019-08-30T13:11:29-05:00Music Branding, Social Media For Musicians|

A lot of artists find the idea of building a musician's website daunting. It's difficult, it can be expensive, and is it really necessary with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Spotify, Bandsintown, [...]

What Seth Godin Can Teach The Music Industry [Part 2]

2019-02-01T17:01:34-05:00Music Marketing, Music Branding, Musician's Guides|

As I have been overhauling my site I have been revisiting a lot of posts and moments from the past.  A highlight was interviewing Seth Godin.  During the 2-part interview,  [...]

How to Do a Benefit: Guidelines for Performing Artists and Others Who Want to Make a Difference by Jen Chapin

2019-01-29T17:24:23-05:00Making Money With Music, Music Marketing, Music Branding|

This is a post that was written some time ago but it is very relevant now for any artist who wants to make a difference by creating their own charity [...]