As one of the most popular social media apps, TikTok continues to amaze and support independent artists. In their latest development, TikTok is introducing their own music marketing and distribution platform, SoundOn.TikTok is changing the game by creating something that favors artists who are barely getting their career started. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what SoundOn has to offer.

What Is SoundOn?

SoundOn is TikTok’s all-in-one platform for marketing and distribution. They help artists build a career and find new fans through TikTok, its affiliates, and other streaming platforms. Anyone can join SoundOn, whether you’re barely beginning this journey or you’ve been on it for a while. SoundOn makes it easy for artists to register an account and start distributing.

SoundOn distribution platform

What SoundOn Offers Artists

There are a number of other distribution platforms available for indie artists. What makes SoundOn unique or desirable? When artists register, they also get lots of great perks. One of the coolest perks is the ability to upload your music directly to TikTok. Because SoundOn is powered by TikTok, this ability is not offered on any other streaming platform. Other perks include: grow fanbases, harness creatives voices, and get your music heard worldwide.

In order to ensure these perks are are always available to artists, SoundOn has a team that dedicates their time to artist support and development. This team offers audience insight and development, expert advice, access to TikTok’s song tab, and promotional support through creator marketing. In addition, SoundOn will distribute to other music platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Can I Earn Money Through SoundOn?

Because SoundOn is a distribution company, you will get revenue based on streams and usage of your music through TikTok. The more people use your music in their videos, the more you earn. If you’re using global streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, you can still get a good income through SoundOn. This distribution platform pays out 100% of royalties to creators in their first year. After the song hits its one year anniversary, creators will earn 90% of royalties with no limit on time length.

However, TikTok does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Since ByteDance owns TikTok, they favor all ByteDance owned platforms. What this means is that for any streams earned on ByteDance platforms, SoundOn will pay out 100% of royalties indefinitely to artists. By using your music on TikTok, creators will be paying you 100% of the royalties no matter how long it’s been.

Do I Need To Pay For These Services?

Great news! Because SoundOn is here for developing artists and those who might not make a whole lot from their music, all fees are waived. SoundOn is completely free, including free distribution and waived transaction fees. What’s even more amazing is that artists will also retain all rights and royalties to their music.

How Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid is quick and easy, but with a few requirements. In the U.S. and U.K., artists can have their income through a simple bank transfer. However, the bank transfer is only possible if artists in these countries earn the minimum payout threshold. For these countries, that minimum is $10 USD or $10 Pound Sterling. Other countries may also withdraw their monthly earnings and transfer it to their bank accounts if the amount meets the minimum payout threshold. For Brazil, the amount is $50 Brazilian Real, and 140,000 Indonesian Rupiah in Indonesia.

Anything Else Left To Know?

SoundOn reviews submissions, so before you turn in that song, make sure its your own original work or you have the clearance to use the sample and/or cover song. It takes 1-3 business days for the team to review your content. So, if you’re promoting your release, make sure you give yourself enough time in between.

SoundOn upload approval

Artists can also opt-in to directly upload their music to TikTok for use in their commercial music library. This library allows brands to use tracks in organic and promotional videos. Not only will this give you major exposure, but it will also give you more revenue as more and more people use your music. TikTok uses a commercial music license in order to use your music, so you’ll be receiving money based on a synch license.

SoundOn is currently fully available in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, and Indonesia. For more information, click here. To register for SoundOn, click here.

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