Spotify has just released a series of videos called “The Game Plan.” 

The Spotify Game Plan was created to help independent artists like you understand how to better utilize this all-powerful platform and the videos are GREAT!

We’re here (as always) to help you better understand and get jumpstarted.

The series is made up of various artists and legends within the music industry. It is broken down into 4 categories – Get Set Up, Understand Your Audience, Promote Yourself, and Understand the Industry.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites which are MUST WATCH for all artists but we encourage you to watch them all!

1. Building Your Artist Profile

Good For You If: You don’t already have Spotify Verification, your bio, and photo posted

Our Favorite Quote:

“You really need to think about your personal brand and what you want to come across to the users.”

Your Spotify profile is the first thing that listeners see when they go to stream your music. This video is chock full of tips and tricks to make your Spotify profile page more visually appealing for your listeners. Things like your about section (where you need to add a compelling bio)  and profile photo absolutely need to be filled in. You can also add a cover image that floats above your artist page to make it even more appealing to the eye.

2. The Follow Button

Good For You If: You have not added the Spotify button to your site and socials

Our Favorite Quote:

“Every time you put out a song, it gets drifted to every feed of your followers automatically.”

This video is pure GOLD for all artists. Your followers should be your main focus – When they “Follow” you on Spotify, they receive your music in their customized Discover Weekly Playlists.  You should also always be asking your fans via social media, amongst other platforms, to follow your Spotify page and add your music to their playlists and shout out the ones who do!

We wrote a guide that does a bit deeper on playlists for you here.


3. Engaging Your Audience

Good For You If: You were unaware that Spotify is a social network and requires you to do some work to get found

Our Favorite Quote:

“Your fans love you and you love them – but all artists have to work to keep listeners coming back and back and back.”

Last, but most certainly not least – let’s talk about Engaging Your Audience. This video talks about Artist’s Pick and Artist Playlists. The Artist’s Pick feature allows you to pin a song, album, or playlist to the top of your profile (much like a pinned tweet). We recommend using this feature for album and single releases. If you don’t have any upcoming releases, you can pin a fan’s playlist to give them a little extra love. Artist Playlists allows your fans to get to know you better – through, of course, musical taste. Another idea is to create Playlists for songs that inspired your latest release. This video talks about “CTAS” which is something we are quite passionate about around here.  Read this article to find a list of strong example CTAS to add into your social media mix.


This batch of Spotify Game Plan videos is extremely important for any independent artist using Spotify. If you’d like to watch the whole series, you can click here.
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