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If you’ve read my latest book, Ultimate Guide To Music Publicity (or a few blog posts on this site) you know that your artist bio is the foundation for not only your press kit but also your narrative, which makes your bio a crucial component of your brand.

Question: Do you have a compelling artist bio?

I read so many bios severely lacking in the elements needed to inspire both fans and media, and I can see how so many artists screw up this key opportunity to captivate their audiences.

To stop the scourge, I put together a brand-new webinar to help guide you through all the essentials to create a memorable artist bio.

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Missteps – The common mistakes we see EVERY artist make
Answers –   Answers to the simple questions you can ask yourself to build your own signature story
Placement – The 10+ places online (and off) where you should be adding your bio
Featuring – My favorite writer who has published articles in top music magazines and written bios for Lana Del Rey, Julian Lennon, Joe Jackson and countless others

During this webinar, Lorne and I dive right in and talk about specific artists that have amazing bios and what separates them from the pack. Plus Lorne covers all of the specific cliches to avoid (he sees them every day) as well as shares his secret formula for creating an artist bio that both readers and fans remember long after they leave your website or socials.


your artist bio is the foundation for all your online marketing

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Artist Bio Webinar

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