Do you ever feel rushed or feel like you have too much on your plate to work on promotion, marketing, and making music all at once? Are you afraid that the single/ EP/ Album you’ve put your heart and soul will be released into the abyss and not reach a soul? We can guarantee, you’re not alone. In order to be successful in music release strategies, you first must create and implement a plan. Cyber PR is here to help educate and motivate indie artists who are struggling with music marketing, because a strategy without a plan is just a wish.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Marketing Plan?

As an artist, you have many things on your plate. You’re responsible for writing and recording music, maintaining a consistent social media schedule, targeting your markets, and growing your brand’s awareness. You’ll have to spend money to promote your work and pitch yourself to other blogs and newspapers. Having a plan will help ease some of that stress, anxiety, and overwhelm you feel. You’ll always know what’s to come and feel ready months in advance before your big release.

You might already have goals set in place, but goals, however, are not the same as plans. Goals are set to mark your big picture vision. Plans are made to ensure your goals are met. Creating these plans can help you take a step back and look at everything that makes you who you are as an artist and what areas are weak points. You can drill down on aesthetics, target audiences, and potential strategies.

For more information on how marketing plans can benefit you, click here for part 1 of our guide to marketing plans.

How A Total Tuneup Can Help

Here at Cyber PR, we offer a service called the Total Tuneup (TTU). A TTU is essentially a marketing plan made just for you. If you’re too busy or feel as though you’re not getting much traction, engagement, or fanfare, a TTU is for you. Total Tuneups can help an artist in a myriad of ways. Cyber PR covers 6 different parts that are each customizable to each individual artist:

  • goals, foundation, and plan structure
  • online assessment
  • branding, style, and social media content guide
  • distribution and streaming platform assessment
  • your music release plan
  • your 12 month plan

There are also a number of sub-categories that are at your disposal, should you need assistance or education in those sections. These categories can help you step back and slowly work your way back up with your music, having substantial support to be unique and pass the test of time.

There are also a number of other companies that share similar categories, such as Bandzoogle.

What Can A TTU Do For You?

If you don’t believe marketing plans are all that efficient, take a look at other artists. Message other artists, go through other articles, or go to other publishers. Cyber PR’s Total Tuneup is one of the best possible options for artists who struggle with their socials and promotions because it allows a professional team to guide you down the path that will generate positive results using strategy and implementation.

Total Tuneups let you know exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how to get it done efficiently without spending thousands of dollars. It’ll teach you how to run a successful ad campaign, book shows, and do your own music publicity without fail. Having a plan will help you navigate through the hoops that encompass the independent music world. Working with a team to support you like Cyber PR will help encourage you to keep going and give thoughtful advice on what will help you as an artist. Having a plan will not only boost your numbers, but will also boost your confidence and your connection with your fans. The Total Tuneup will support you, educate you, and motivate you, all while holding you accountable.\


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