Having trouble getting your merch to sale online? Shopify and Spotify may have a solution for that. Spotify, a music streaming platform, is now going to sell your merch on their platform. They collaborate with Shopify to bring us a brand new way to market ourselves. We’re here to tell you what this means and why it’s great.

What Is Shopify x Spotify?

This collaboration is an amazing dup that isn’t really common or popular. Spotify is a streaming platform that brings a lot of traffic in. Spotify grabs your listeners, but you’re not making much money from those streams. Spotify’s decision to integrate Shopify within their platform is a game-changer as now you’re getting all that traffic to your site. Shopify is here for people to sell items they create. Your Shopify store will link directly into your Spotify page and encourage listeners to visit your page and order your merch.

Steps To Sell Your Merch On Spotify

In order to participate in this lucrative integration, you must have an account on both apps. If you don’t have a Shopify, we’ll guide you through creating an account. If you don’t have an account set up with both Shopify and Spotify, it is important to create your Spotify account first. You’ll have to look up “Spotify for Artists” and set up your account by linking your Spotify account with your artist page. Once you have your account set up, you will have access to hundreds of analytics that share how well you’re performing on Spotify.

If you already have a Spotify for Artists and need to make a Shopify account, Shopify offers a 90-day free trial for all new artists creating an account with them. We strongly encourage you to take that offer as Shopify does not typically offer a 90-day trial. Shopify is an online store that delivers real-time updates. When something sells out, Shopify removes that item from your Spotify account to help consumers with getting current results.

Who Can Sell Merch On Spotify?

There are a few exceptions towards who can use the collaboration. On the Spotify for Artists side, you must be an admin on your account and set up shop on your desktop. In addition, your Shopify account will only be displayed on your Spotify page to listeners in these countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • US

All listeners in these countries will receive the same merch on your profile. This merch will replace an old feature known as the “merch bar” on Spotify. Finally, you can only link one Spotify artist account with one Shopify account and vice versa.

Connect Your Shopify with Spotify

In order to list merch on your artist page, you’ll have to connect your Shopify store to your Spotify page. When connecting the two accounts, be sure to have your Shopify store login handy. Below are the steps to connect the two accounts:

  1. Log in to artists.spotify.com.
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Click Merch.
  5. Enter your Shopify store URL and click LINK SHOP.
    Tip: This is the URL in the address bar when you’re on your Shopify store, e.g. “your-store-name.myshopify.com”.
  6. Log in to Shopify, then follow the steps to set up your accounts.
    Note: You’ll get prompted to Add sales channel, accept the terms, and choose the artist you want to link your shop to.

adding merch

Publish Your Merch To Spotify

After your Shopify store is connected to your Spotify account, you’ll be able to publish hundreds of items from Shopify to Spotify. When your listeners decide to order merch from Spotify, they will not be redirected to Shopify until the very end to input payment method. However, Spotify will only share 3 items on your page. You can choose which items you want to display as well as change them out whenever you wish to. Here are thee steps you must take to get your Spotify account linked to your Shopify store:

  1. Log in to Shopify.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click Products, then All products.
  4. Choose a product.
    Note: Check the product uses plain text and static images for the description and media (we don’t support videos or text formatting).
  5. Click Manage next to SALES CHANNELS AND APPS.
  6. Make sure Spotify is checked, then click Done.
  7. Click Save at the top of the product page.

If you add more merch to your Shopify store in the future, publish it to Spotify for Artists to list it on your artist profile.

Add Merch To Your Artist Profile

Once your merch is added and live on your Shopify store, you can finish the integration of the two apps. Again, you only have 3 slots so be attentive on which ones you’re choosing. The order you add your merch, the order it will appear in, so keep that in mind as well. Once again, out of stock items will be automatically removed from your Spotify profile. Here are the steps to finish the integration of the two apps:

  1. Log in to artists.spotify.com.
  2. Go to Profile.
  3. Click Merch.
  4. Click ADD TO SHOP on the merch you want to show on your profile.

Shopify integrated into Spotify

Spotify is going to help many artists with receiving a lot more revenue and converting those listeners into viewers who land on your page. Even if they aren’t buying, just by landing on your page will get you viewers on all your other pages as it attracts the thought of exploration.

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