There are 2 things to consider when you think of blogs – your strategy for getting featured and reviewed on music blogs, and if/how to start a blog of your own.

This part of Social Media House will teach you about the easiest blogging platforms, and how to blog without wasting huge amounts of time or stressing yourself out.


How to Get Featured on Blogs

Guest posts on other blogs is a strong strategy because they create a bigger footprint for you online, build awareness, and allow for a two­-way conversation around your music and brand. Guest posting isn’t for everyone and you need to have something to say in order to make this effective.

Bloggers are a quirky lot.  I know this because I’ve spent the last several years interacting with them through my business, and attending some of the most notable blog conferences on Earth.  So, how are you supposed to interrupt and say, “Hey blogger, come write about me?”  Very simple: you have to create relationships with bloggers.  Identify 10 to 20 blog targets that are in alignment with what you have to say.  Some of the blogs you will likely find in your search are more widely read, but I suggest you target smaller blogs on page 3 or 4 of a Google search as they may get fewer requests for guest posts. Action Sheet 6.0 – Your 10-20 Blog Targets will help walk you through how to target the most appropriate blogs for you.

Once you have your list, start interacting with the bloggers.  Read them regularly and comment frequently.  Become friends with them on socials, and feature them in your social posts — shine a light on them.

Establishing yourself is a process that takes some time.  Don’t ask for anything on your first or second contact with a blogger — If you do not handle this tactfully, the blogger will sense that you are just trying to “get” something. Then when the time is right you can email and ask if they take guest posts.  Do this tactfully – keep it short and sweet.


How to Blog Yourself

Your overall online credibility and influencer status starts with your blog.  There are over 180 million blogs worldwide, with 64 million of those blogs made on WordPress and 50 million on Tumblr.  Every month, about three million new blogs appear on the Web.  Google loves blogs, and if you set your blog up properly, you’ll be indexed on Google for anything and everything you write about.  This means that people who are searching for related topics on Google may just find you.

Blogging is a wise choice if you are looking to establish yourself as an influencer, as it puts you on the playing field with other bloggers.  Bloggers read other blogs, especially those pertaining to subjects they also write about.  A blogger will also trust you much more if you understand the world of blogging.  Your blog posts make great social media content.  ­LinkedIn, Medium, Facebook and Twitter are just a few places where you can showcase your blog posts so people can see, share, and engage with your thoughts and ideas.  


Tracking Your Blog’s Effectiveness with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fabulous way to track the effectiveness of your blog posts. You can also use GA to see how well your blog is doing in terms of unique visitors, page views, traffic patterns, and so on.

If you are using WordPress for your blog, you can add Google Analytics (GA) simply by installing a Google Analytics plugin.  Your web designer will be able to help you if this is out of your grasp.

Remember, the most important way to really turn readers into devoted fans members is to respond to any comments you receive.  Today’s casual post or back-and-forth banter may just become tomorrow’s super fan.


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