Pinterest is not a social that many musicians use, but if you are visually inclined you may just love it as much as I do. Sharing visuals is fun (and easy) with Pinterest! In Part 7, learn how Pinterest can be a way for you to showcase your personality.

You will probably find Pinterest less daunting some other socials.  On Pinterest, you don’t even need to take your own photos which is encouraged on Instagram. It’s a “curation” app!  All you need to do is search for themes and images that resonate with you, and catagorize them to your liking.

Pinterest is a social network that allows users to visually share and discover new interests by “pinning” images or videos to their own or shared “pinboards” (i.e. a collection of “pins” with a common theme).  While Pinterest came onto the scene more recently than the others, it’s a social media powerhouse.  It is predominantly used by females (over 80% of users are women).  The most popular categories are food and drink, DIY crafts and home decor; however, ‘film, music & books’, and education also rank highly, so this could be a great place for you if you want to connect with a female audience.

Action Sheet 7: How to Create a Pinterest Account will walk you through the basics. As with all socials, make sure you have a clear bio on your profile, add your website, and make sure you choose a matching profile image and handle so that people can easily recognize you.  Be sure to link to your Facebook and Twitter, so your pins can attract more eyes from different channels. I suggest that you create a minimum of eight to twelve Boards (four or six across and two rows when viewing from most computers) and add at least 10 pins per board.  This doesn’t take as long as you would imagine, as pinning gets addictive once you get started.

Install The “Pin It” Button

Pinterest has a “Pin It” button that, when installed in your browser, will allow you to pin images from around the web to add your own images to Pinterest (just remember when you do this to give credit where credit is due in the form of links).  You can also pin your own content and add your story to your boards.  You can also pin YouTube (or any) videos and SoundCloud links.  The possibilities are endless.

A few Pinterest Board ideas:

Action Sheet 7.1 shows you How to Set Up Your First Ten Pinboards.  

Here is a list for inspiration:

  •      Your music (something that reinforces your brand)
  •      Your crowdfunding campaign (pin your campaign video)
  •      Your goods, services and products
  •      Locations (city you are from and places you love)
  •      Artists who influence you
  •      Favorite Quotes / Your Own Lyrics
  •      What Inspires You
  •      Charity/Causes
  •      Food, drink, and recipes (most commonly re-pinned)
  •      Animals/cute things

Diversify and be Whimsical

There are apps that will help you turn your quotes into great images, pin Twitter handles, create stickies, and add effects to photos.  And of course it’s important to connect your Facebook Page

Action Sheet 7.2 will teach you How to Sync Your Pinterest Account to Your Facebook Page

Test out Canva and Pixteller to create beautiful graphics. My favorite app for displaying your pins on Facebook is called Woobox.

The little “wheel” icon is where you will find your analytics, where you can see who is following you and what is resonating the most so you can double down on things that work.

The search box at the top of this elegant app will be your most used asset. Don’t be afraid to diversify and be whimsical here.


Watch part seven’s videos here:

Introduction To Part 7: Pinterest

Week 7: Pinterest Mini Masterclass  – I talk about it being the “New” Social Kid on the block!  Its not anymore but the info is still relevant 🙂


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