Spotify has recently released a new app called Spotify Greenroom. This app is used as a way for artists, fans, and strangers to connect. Each person can create or join a room and invite others with similar interests. This opens the gates to a new method of sharing and connecting for fans and artists.

What is Greenroom?

Spotify calls Greenroom the “new social audio app”. It allows you to host and participate in live discussions within a virtual room. You can listen and talk about the things you love with artists and fans sharing those same interests.This is great for creators as it allows them to discuss any topic they’re passionate about. After they create their own live room, it’s just a matter of who wants to tune in.

Spotify Greenroom

Who Can Use Greenroom?

The great thing about Greenroom is that anyone can use it. All you have to do is download the app and start tuning in. If you have a Spotify account, just login using the same credentials. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for Greenroom for free. You don’t need a Spotify account and you don’t need Spotify Premium. This is great for artists to connect with all fans regardless of location or financial state.

What’s Within Each Room?

If you want to start a room, you can create a room by clicking the “Create Room” button. By doing this, you are now the host. You have the power to invite others to the room and select which category to go live in. If you want to join a room, you can search for a group topic or person to follow. You can see which groups are currently live and join.

When in a Room, everyone has the freedom to speak. Each room has a host, speaker, and listeners. The host has control over speech requests and when to end the discussion. The speaker is the person onstage speaking. The listeners can raise their hand to speak or ask questions. Everyone can chat in the Discussion tab unless the host turns it off.

Spotify Greenroom

Lastly, there are gems. Gems are what Greenroom uses to allow listeners to “like” something the speaker says. You can double tap on a speaker’s or host’s profile to give them a Gem. The number of Gems you get in a room will show on your profile. Gems cannot be taken back and giving Gems doesn’t impact your Gem count.

What Does This Mean For The Indie Artist?

Greenroom has just opened another realm of fan outreach. Artists can go live and talk on anything, not just their music. They can build a closer relationship with those who frequently tune in. Greenroom is a new platform to gain traction on. This time, artists can reach out by simply speaking about their passions.

For more information about Spotify Greenroom, click here.

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