For many indie artists, having a successful musical career is the end all goal proving to be difficult. Artists struggle month after month attempting to create their next album while still being financially stable. Cash App, a mobile payment service, sees this disconnect and attempts to fix it. Cash App Studios is a new program here to fund creators’ projects.

What Is Cash App Studios?

Cash App Studios is a service built to invest in projects. The program is designed for all indie creators, including: artists, musicians, directors, and designers. Rather than lending out money like a royalty, Cash App gives the money out like a grant. This means that artists won’t have to worry about paying back the amount they receive. The program is not here to replace labels, but instead is giving the option to empower DIY artists to make their own choices when the time is right.

Artists working with Cash App Studios will be brought in on a rolling basis, while the program itself remains invite-only.

What Will Creators Receive with Cash App Studios?

If the funding didn’t interest you in this program, then other features surely will. Creators will receive an abundance of help along with the financial funding. Artists working with Cash App Studios will retain 100% ownership of their work. This is a very big deal because artists have always had to give parts of themselves away in order to get bigger and better deals. Finally, there’s something here that will let artists keep their integrity and their brand. Cash App Studios has also promised to provide artists with supplies to create their work. This can be in the form of recording studios, production houses, and/or publicity teams.

These perks are here to ensure the work receives the recognition it deserves. The funding artists receive is non-invasive, pro-creative and supportive. It’s truly here to ensure artists are comfortable and pleased with what they share with the world. They do all of this without taking any portion of the artists’ revenue.

So.. What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! Cash App has always been very supportive of artists, even using Megan Thee Stallion in their advertisements. This program is beneficial for Cash App not financially, but through a customer acquisition strategy. This strategy is possible with artists because when an artist uses Cash App, they bring their fans onto the platform with them.

Artists have access to Cash App, Square, Twitter, and Tidal. This setup is a creator-centric vision, where everything a creator could need is integrated with one another. The integration allows for everything to be at arm’s reach, wasting less time for creators. With Cash App Studios, artists can facilitate payments from fans, use Square’s banking tools, Twitter’s new features, and release music through Tidal.

All in all, this feature appears to be very legit and beneficial for artists. The only thing artists have to do is prove they are worthy of all this funding in order to get the invite. Cash App is doing some innovative thinking, and we’re excited to see what comes from this program.

To close, here’s a quote from the Cash App Studios creators themselves:

“We funding emerging creators’ breakout projects to stitch Cash App’s guiding principle of economic empowerment into the fabric of the creative industry”

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