Last week I had the pleasure of joining Michael Warner, author of Work Hard Playlist Hard, for a chat on his Twitch channel with the subject of the Path to Playlists. You can watch the whole interview here. We discussed a lot about my upcoming book The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity, which releases on paperback on 6/17. It is currently the #1 new release in Music Business on Amazon!

The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity

Ariel Hyatt has been serving independent musicians for 25 years. She started her PR firm in 1996, which eventually rebranded as Cyber PR. Cyber PR does online PR, Marketing, Promotion and helps artists with long-term goals. 

She was interviewed by her friend Mike Warner the author of Work Hard Playlist Hard about her forthcoming book launch. Her book includes many inspirational stories as well as her signature but actionable steps and exercises on how musicians can elevate their careers. 

The book is presented in 9 parts starting with understanding what publicity is in the current times, including social media, branding, and streaming. Musicians will be taught how to do it on their own or how to hire someone to represent them effectively. The book was written so current that there’s a section about how the pandemic changed the face of how musicians are marketing and promoting currently and how to move forward.

The guide also guide includes 11 long-form stories from artists who have exemplified certain types of self- PR to increase the feeling of value and beyond being instructional. There were lots of contributions from other experts in music publicity/PR fields. 

Mike asks Ariel a great question about why she seemingly gives away all of the advice for free in her book that she could use to make money.  She told a story about how she saw a sign at a women’s march that is in perfect alignment with her philosophy. She believes “When it comes to (music) education, It’s not pie – there’s no reserved amount, many people can benefit from the information and support.” Ariel reasoned that thousands of people out there can’t afford to hire her team to help them but would want the information in an affordable format. 

Book Launch vs. Album Launch

A book launch is very similar to an album launch. You want a long lead and prep time. Ariel had the opportunity to practice what she preaches this time around for her book release.

There is always so much stress when releasing a project amongst so many other releases out there. The feeling is similar to what an artist feels, knowing 60,000 other songs go up on Spotify per day. Everyone in their own right is vying for attention, pre-ordering, participation and support. She notes that It’s worth putting in the work.

Building an Email List

Ariel’s been building an email list since the 90s and credits her extensive mailing list for supporting her with this book release! Cyber PR Tip: Email is still very relevant and essential.

Check on Your Friends

Mike and Ariel discussed checking in on your friends in a private setting and space beyond social media. Allowing them an opportunity to speak, and you could help your friends out. 

There is so much value in paying attention and building relationships with people on the other end. It will also always help your career. Artists that don’t get that have the most challenging time selling to fans. Cyber PR Tip: Don’t be an arse

The book tells you about how to be that person. Good publicists have mastered relationship building and approaching people.

Ariel Hyatt’s book The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity will be available on Amazon and bookstores worldwide in the formats of E-book, hardcover, and paperback on June 17, 2021. Pre-order Ariel’s book here for the chance to be entered in a raffle to win a FREE PR Campaign!


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