Episode 7 features Mike Warner of Work Hard Playlist Hard

This episode of AI Music Marketing features returning guest Mike Warner who’s darnned brilliant when it comes to all things Playlisting.  And Mike has plenty to say about AI

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In this episode, I sit down with Playlist expert Mike Warner to delve into the fascinating world of targeted advertising, the challenges of music promotion, and the powerful role that AI can play in your playlist strategy. Mike warns about the dangers of targeting the wrong audience and emphasizes the importance of considering an artist’s genre when reaching out to potential fans. He also shares personal anecdotes, including a friend’s experience with directing family and friends to their music under a new name. Discover how text and visuals can influence listeners’ decision to press play, and why catching people’s attention within a fraction of a second is crucial in today’s social media scrolling culture. From the struggles and challenges faced during the creative process to the innovative use of AI in crafting effective song descriptions and pitches, Mike offers invaluable insights and practical advice to aspiring musicians and industry professionals. Tune in as Mike uncovers the potential of AI tools like Chat GPT in revolutionizing the way we promote music and connect with audiences. With a treasure trove of tips on filling out submission forms, curating playlists, and making the most of streaming platforms, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Artificial intelligence is shaping the landscape of music promotion, and musicians can take advantage of AI-driven tools for various tasks. Warner discusses the benefits of Chat GPT in writing engaging pitches, improving communication with recipients, and streamlining the workflow. Although AI has its limitations and requires fine-tuning, it can be a valuable partner in the music industry. AI not only aids in overcoming writer’s block but also enhances the effectiveness of promotional efforts. In an era where music promotion requires a multi-faceted approach, the insights shared by Mike Warner offer valuable guidance for musicians. From targeting the right audience and harnessing the power of words to understanding the nuances of music streaming platforms and embracing AI-driven tools, artists have an array of strategies at their disposal. By staying informed and adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape, musicians can maximize their reach, engage their fan base, and elevate their music careers to new heights.

Key topics in this Podcast

– Targeting the Right Audience for Music Ads
– Importance of Text in Music Promotion
– Challenges in Creating and Describing Music
– AI Tools for Music Promotion
– Manipulation and Consequences in Music Streaming Platforms
– Utilizing Submission Forms for Music Platforms
– Using Chat GPT for Writing Pitches
– Playlists and Other Opportunities for Music Promotion
– AI as a Partner in the Music Industry Works
– Documenting and Sharing Experiences in the Music Industry

About my Guest: Mike Warner

Australian-born Mike Warner is one of the leading experts in the world of streaming music. Mike has held many roles in music over the past 20 years. Currently, he is the Head of Editorial Marketing Partnerships, in North America with global music distributor Believe. Prior to this, he was the Director of Artist Relations at Chartmetric.As a true wearer of many hats, he is also a best-selling self-published author as well as a public speaker, Mike has shared his insights on every stage, from guest starring on numerous podcasts and appearing live on CNBC to speaking at the music industry’s largest conferences including SXSW, NAMM and Music Biz. Based on the success of the first two editions of Work Hard Playlist Hard, Mike has expanded the world of WHPH into a full online blog and a podcast series. He also collaborated with industry friend Erika Parr to translate the book into Spanish. Mike has gained an audience on LinkedIn, with his informative and entertaining posts earning him the title as one of LinkedIn’s 2023 Top Voices in Music. An independent artist himself, Mike understands the challenges facing artists today better than anyone. A bit of a rebel and an obstinate supporter of independent artists, Mike continues to be unrelentingly passionate about empowering musicians with the tools they need to succeed. As an educator, author, speaker, executive, and leader, Mike’s work has gained him recognition among his peers as the go-to authority at the forefront of the digital music world.

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