In Part 1 of Social Media House, we go back to the basics so you can set the stage for success in your social media strategy.

Even if you think you are an advanced social media user there is something in this video for you!

Here is what the video and the Action Sheets in Part 1 cover:

Moving Your Objections Out Of The Way
First – I’ll get your objections to social media out of the way. Every artist I have ever worked with has opinions and objections about social media. You’re not interested in behaving in that way. You don’t want to overshare your life. If this is the case, don’t worry. You can still have your private life and keep everything that is truly private to yourself. You may also feel resistant because you see younger people or other artists sharing inappropriate things or over-hyping themselves or they are outright pushy and it’s a turnoff. Well, the truth is, you don’t have to share your soul or become a carnival barker to be effective with your social media marketing strategy.

Setting Goals
Most social media strategists and marketers dive in without putting goals or plans in place. In this video I explain how to set reasonable goals, and identify key people in your community to focus on who may be able to help you achieve them.

Your Social Media Marathon
Social media is a marathon and not a sprint. When you are running a marathon there is one finish line. When you run a social media campaign there are many mini finish lines. To hit these benchmarks you need to have goals & a plan in place!

Creating Your Pitch
Action Sheet 1 will walk you through how to create a slogan or a sentence that defines who you are and what you stand for. My book Music Success in 9 Weeks has helped thousands of artists identify their pitches with ease and the technology I use in the book is outlined in this action sheet.

Resetting & Refreshing Your Socials
I will help you backtrack by analyzing your social media presence. Action Sheet 1.1 will help you see what you need to do right now, so you know exactly what to improve.

Creating Relatable Content
I’ll help you identify relatable and easy to share themes with your fanbase that will help you build two-way conversations. You will never be looked upon as pushy again after you go through Action Sheet 1.2. It will help you come up with themes and create relatable content that will resonate with your fans. And “relatable” does not have to mean “personal.” We will come up with themes and patterns that will build a long-term story that makes sense to your fans.

Movie Time
Action Sheet 1.3 will help set a stage for you by providing compelling stats on social media as well as breaking down some confusing platforms in plain English.

And Finally…. Social Media & ROI (Return On Investment)
I also talk about how social media relates to making money or, in marketing, speaks to your ROI (return on investment). I will show you that when you have a true community on your socials you will soon find that there is another ROI to look at – this is the RETURN ON CONVERSATION or ROC and this is priceless as it fosters goodwill. Social Media is a toolset not a holy grail!

When used with a plan, your socials are a fantastic place where you can start new conversations and foster long-term relationships.

So….  what are you waiting for?

Watch the video!

Week 1: Your Social Media Strategy

Throughout the video, I talk about “Weeks” and “the forums” because at one time this course was available only through a paid forum and it was a 9-Week process. The course is 9 parts and you can take the ones that resonate with you and skip the ones that don’t! If you want feedback – please add a comment and the Cyber PR team will respond!

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