With about 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the best tools to use while creating and solidifying your brand. The affordances on this platform have made it super easy (and fun) to experiment with images, videos, and words. In 2021, there are so many new features to revamp your Instagram that can help improve your reach.

Take Advantage of the Features


With the rising dominance of TikTok over all other social media platforms comes a pattern we have noticed throughout the years: mimicking. Instagram, while this is not new, has created their own version of TikToks. These Reels are 15-second long videos that can be creatively edited into something fun – they can really be whatever you want them to be.

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These are such an asset to upping your personal brand as an artist. There are so many options here – you can make a 15-second teaser to a music video, a short cover of a song, or just a little video that introduces your personality. These, unlike Instagram Stories, are permanent, so they’ll always be on your page.

Reels are easily discovered by the public because they can be found on the explore page, the Reels page, or on your own feed. They’re super easy to create and so fun to watch! Perhaps the most important aspect is the “sounds” – not only is it important to use trending sounds, but it’s also important to use your own music as sounds.

Commerce Tools

For a while now, Instagram has allowed for anyone to create shoppable posts, which are regular posts that allow for different items in an image to have virtual price tags or stickers on them. A user can quickly be brought to that specific item when they click on the sticker. Now, this feature has led to a whole new shopping page on Instagram.

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If you’re trying to sell merch, physical copies of music, or anything else in the world, this feature is for you. It’s very accessible for buyers and sellers.

IG Live

As the pandemic continues (when will it ever end…), it’s important that you keep your followers engaged. You also want to make sure that you’re not losing your performance skills just because you can’t gig out in the world. Instagram Live has changed the GAME for this. More and more musicians are using this tool for engagement, exposure, and performing.

You can also use this feature to promote merchandise or other products without seeming disingenuous. Live-streaming gives your followers a sense of who you are, while simultaneously increasing your reach.

Realize Your Brand

Experiment With Curating

We all know about Instagram’s carousel posts, which allow users to upload multiple (up to 10) photos/videos in one post. This feature increases the amount of airtime your post gets on someone’s feed because followers are spending more time on swiping through this one post of multiple images or videos.

instagram carousel

Instagram’s algorithm helps us out here by giving followers multiple chances to “like” your post. While most single posts will disappear after one scroll through the feed, these carousel posts are boosted up to 10 times on one person’s feed, showcasing different media from that post each time someone scrolls through. This is a great tool to help you experiment with how well certain pieces of content compliment each other.

We recommend using this feature as it will help curate your aesthetic in a single post and engage your followers.

Want more advice on using in-app Features to revamp your Instagram? Check out our Musicians Guide to Instagram Features.

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