Instagram is always looking to adapt and improve their features to fit the trend. Since the pandemic surged, many people, including artists and creators, have turned to live streaming to engage with fans. Instagram takes this trend and expands to meet their users’ requests with their Live feature. Instagram Live can now host up to 4 streamers on a single broadcast at once, calling it Live Room. Today we break down the amazing perks that come with this new feature update.

What are Instagram Live Rooms?

With the addition of more people in the live broadcast, Instagram has changed the name of the feature from Live Broadcast to Live Rooms. The Live Room feature allows you to group up with 3 other people to talk and open up to more creative opportunities. Some of the capabilities Instagram mentions are starting a talk show host, having a jam session, hosting a Q&A, or creating tutorials with one another. Each speaker gets their own box similar to boxes during video calls, but still includes all other specs from the original Instagram Live.

instagram live room

Live Rooms Bring Revenue

In addition to expanding the Live feature, Instagram has also incorporated a new revenue stream for creators. A new tool called “badges” is essentially a donation viewers can give to show some support. Not only are they contributing to the artists and creators they love, but fans will also gain special public recognition for making a donation. If artists and creators have other passions they wish to raise awareness about, they can ask their viewers for money through a fundraiser they bring together. Viewers will also have access to creators’ shops in collaboration with their new Shop feature.

live room badges

Setting Up A Live Room

Starting a Live Room has pretty much the same setup as a Live Broadcast. You want to swipe left, select the Live option on the camera, and tap the Rooms icon to add friends or other creators. You can also add a title and an organization where your viewers can donate to while you’re live-streaming. As a host, you have authority to send requests and accept requests from those wanting to go live with you. What is even more amazing is that your followers will be notified when you go live, but also, your guests’ followers will be notified. This creates the ability for followers and fans to cross-pollinate and gives you the chance to increase your reach. Creators are able to build each other’s audiences in a way that may prove to be far quicker and easier than in previous times.

live room fundraising invite collaborators

ending live room

This is only a dip in the pool for Instagram features and the future of social media. Instagram hopes to expand the number of creators simultaneously in a Room together, but for now 4 is a good start. To learn more about Instagram’s other features, click here for a quick rundown of what Instagram has to offer.

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