You’ve seen them a million times; your friends sharing them for their favorite bands, the artists you follow asking you to use them and now, it’s your turn. It’s time to start using a Spotify pre-save and asking your fans to save your music ahead of release. This does a few very important things, all of which are designed to get you more music to more people in the most efficient way possible.

We’re going to go over all the specifics to get you set up and using Spotify pre-save (and your fans actually using it) in this article. Take a look.

What is a Spotify Pre Save link?

This is a link that will allow your fans to save your music to their Spotify library prior to the release date. That way, on release day, your music will automatically be added to their selected playlist. When you provide your fans with a Pre Save link, you’re essentially offering them a sneak peek of your music. They can click on this link and, with a simple tap, save your music to their Spotify library before it officially drops. It’s like handing them a backstage pass but you know, on Spotify.

Why is a Pre Save important?

Here’s where the magic happens: on release day your music will magically appear in your fans’ playlists. They don’t have to remember to go searching for it, and when life gets busy and they don’t remember it’s release day, it’s ok! Because they’ve already pre-saved your music which means it will automatically be in their library and Spotify will even remind them that something they pre-saved is now available for listening. This not only ensures that your die-hard supporters get instant access to your music but also boosts your streams right away, catching the attention of Spotify’s algorithms and potentially catapulting your track to tons of new listeners.

It’s a great way to work with Spotify’s algorithms instead of against them and tell the platform that people actually like your music and want to hear it, which makes it all the more likely to appear in a curated Spotify editorial playlist.

How do I create a Pre Save link?

This is a little different for each platform, so we’ve broken down the process on a few of the most popular sites below, along with linking directly to them.

One of the most popular platforms to create pre-save links on is Not only is the design of their pages sleek and sophisticated, but they also automatically collect email addresses from those who have pre-saved (up to 50 are FREE).

Another great option is is the first to offer free pre-save campaigns for indie artists. What’s even more amazing is you get access to it automatically if you are using CD Baby as your distributor!


HyperFollow is Distrokid’s very own built-in pre-save campaign platform. If Distrokid is your distributor, this is a no-brainer. It’s within the same backend program and easy to use. Distrokid will automatically add all your new followers – and saves – on your release date. They also email those followers and lets them know that they can start listening.

What do I need to create a Spotify pre-save link?

The good news is, it’s simple. First and foremost, you’ll need to have your release date locked in, your artwork ready to go, and either a UPC or ISRC code at your disposal. That’s it! Even if this is your debut release and your Spotify artist profile is still in the making, you can still make use of a pre-save campaign. In fact, it’s all the more essential, since it lays the groundwork of making sure your music has a welcoming audience on release day.

How do I promote my link?

AKA, the fun part!

Send It To Everyone

I know, it seems obvious, but when I say send it to everyone I really do mean send it to everyone and I mean to do this personally. Not just blast it on social media and hope for the best, not just spam your friends with not at all personalized messages, take some time to write out posts to friends, family, any artist you’ve ever played a show with, anyone who has ever showed any ounce of support in you, and share your pre-save with a short (short!!) note about why it would mean a lot to you that they pre-save, and how much you appreciate their support.

And yes, you also should share it often on socials. As in, more than once. Add it to your (if you have one), pin it as a tweet, add to your Instagram story, and Facebook post. You can even change the button on your Facebook page to link out to your pre-save link.

Share on Socials

The next step is to get it out there on socials and do it more than once! I know, I know, it can feel awkward to promote yourself once, never mind several times, but it’s crucial. Post to Instagram feed, Stories, TikTok, Facebook, and anywhere you exist online it should also exist. Try to get a little creative with it too. Can you make a funny video if that’s part of your personality? Can you reveal the artwork and pre-save link at the same time to drum up interest? Think about what your fans tend to engage with and share it in a way that will appeal to them.

A few other ideas: Add it to your (if you have one), pin it as a tweet, add to your Instagram story, and Facebook post. You can even change the button on your Facebook page to link out to your pre-save link. Make sure you are taking advantage of your header images on each platform as well. If there isn’t a button or caption like there is on Facebook, put the link in the graphic itself for awareness!


We are constantly preaching about newsletters here at Cyber PR – and there is a reason for that. This is the only form of direct communication that you have with your fans that is not affected by an algorithm. Creating an announcement email with the pre-save link, and a reminder the day before release, is key to making the most of your campaign.

A few other fun ways to share the news through your newsletter? Include contests or exclusive opportunities for pre-saving, and add a personal touch by sharing the meaning behind the song you are asking them to save. Anything to make your fans feel like the VIPs they are. Remember, you’re not just delivering news (despite that it’s in the name!) you’re giving your fans an inside look at your journey and inviting them to be a part of it. Do that, and they’ll be fans for life.


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