As streaming continues to overpower all other forms of music listening, pre-saves and pre-adds are becoming a more important tool each day. With Apple and Spotify being the most used streaming platforms for music consumption, it is important to understand how to make your music pre-savable. While it can be confusing, we are here to clear some things up about the pre-add vs pre-save debate.

Apple Music’s Pre-Add

Apple Music’s Pre-add allows fans to add unreleased music to their library and playlists prior to release. In addition, Apple Music will automatically add the music to your fans’ library upon release date. This process is done exclusively through Apple Music, although you can add shortcuts to this by using distributors such as CD Baby or Distrokid.

Requirements for a Pre-Add

For a Pre-Add with Apple Music, there are some requirements you must meet as an artist. In order to use pre-add, you have to add your music as a regular pre-order with iTunes. This means you must have your music available for digital purchase. You will also need at least one instant-gratification track in your release.

Some other requirements include:

  • Having at least one instant-gratification track or music video
  • Having a sales start date that is at least one day in the future from the date you’re adding pre-order metadata and the instant-gratification track
  • Be cleared for sale in the territories you want the pre-add to be available

For more information on Apple’s pre-add feature, read our blog post on it.

Spotify’s Pre-Saves

Utilizing Spotify’s pre-save feature is another great way to increase fan engagement. As an artist, you offer your fans the ability to save your music before the official release date. Upon release date, the music will automatically be added to your fans’ chosen playlist. Doing this shows the Spotify algorithm that people are interested in your music, which then increases your chances of being featured on Spotify’s editorial playlists.

Spotify’s pre-save feature is available for both singles and albums.

Requirements for Pre-Saves

Spotify’s Pre-Save feature doesn’t require as much from an artist as Apple. Therefore, it is much easier for artists to create and market this link. In order to create a pre-save link, all you need is the music release date, artwork, and URI or ISRC code.

To learn more about Spotify’s pre-save feature, read about it in our blog post here.

We hope this clears up some of the confusion that comes from the pre-add vs pre-save debate. Bottom line is, both streaming platforms offer a very similar feature that artists should utilize and market to their audience and fans.

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