The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity will teach you everything you need to know about how publicity works in today’s music business.

It includes Ariel’s 20+ years of knowledge and is packed with advice on how to manage blog press, tour press, and national press.

It is broken down into 3 parts and here’s is the full chapter breakdown:

PART 1 – Getting Ready For Music PR

Chapter 1: Social Media and Publicity are Now Intertwined

Chapter 2: With Music Publicity Comes Great Expectations

Chapter 3: Publicity is a Marathon, Not a Sprint


PART 2 – How To Do Your Own PR

Chapter 1: Planning Your Campaign & Building Your Press Kit

Chapter 2: Preparing Your Press Release

Chapter 3: Researching Music Blogs & Media Outlets

Chapter 4: Preparing Your Targeted Media List

Chapter 5: Sending Media Pitches

Chapter 6: To Premiere or Not to Premiere?

Chapter 7: Getting Tour Press

Chapter 8: Showcasing Your PR Results

Chapter 9: Your Music Publicity Check Sheet


PART 3 – How To Hire A Publicist to Help You

Chapter 1: What A Publicist Does & The Benefits of Hiring One

Chapter 2: What to Expect From a Publicist

Chapter 3: Why Publicity Does NOT Sell Music (and Why This is Okay)

Chapter 4: What to Look For When Hiring a Publicist

Chapter 5: Making Contact with a PR Firm

Chapter 6: Is She Good? How to Do Your Research


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