The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity: Proven Strategies For Getting Featured in Blogs, Playlists & Traditional Media is Ariel’s first book in 5 years. It features indispensable advice from a wide swath of music industry luminaries including veteran music publicists, bio writers, editors, playlisters, and podcasters who generously contributed their tips from both sides of the desk. Also included are 11 indie artists who share their inspirational PR journeys.

This guide breaks down everything you need to know to master an effective and well-rounded communication strategy for your music utilizing step-by-step exercises, mind maps that Ariel has developed for her workshops, masterclasses, and music industry programs at universities and taught around the world.
The Ultimate Guide to Music Publicity is broken down into 9 parts

PART 1 – It All Starts With Your Brand
PART 2 – Your Story, Hook, Positioning and Pitches
PART 3 – Planning Your Campaign
PART 4 – Your Publicity Campaign In Action
PART 5 – Intentional Publicity
PART 6 – Hiring A Music Publicist
PART  7 – What To Do With Your PR
PART 8 – Publicity in Age of COVID-19
PART 9 – Conclusion

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