In part 3 of Social Media House we are diving into the deep end of socials, starting with Facebook! Here you will find an introduction from Ariel where she will cover the broad strokes, and two more lessons presented by Cyber PR’s resident Facebook Page and Facebook Ad Manager, Andrew Salmon. Andrew is a musician and holds a masters degree in music marketing from Berklee College of Music.

In these videos you will learn:

How to Make an Effective Facebook Page

In the video you will learn the 8 essential actions you need to make your Facebook Page as effective as possible. Download Action Sheet 3.0 (at the bottom of this page) for a questionnaire that will help you make the most effective Page possible.

Growing Your Facebook Page

We’ll teach you how to get fans from your personal page over to your Page.  It’s tempting to buy fake likes to grow your Facebook Page but Andrew will explain why this is a terrible idea and teach you how to grow your page organically with real fans.

Types & Lifetime of Facebook Posts

Part 1 of Andrew’s two videos covers the three types of posts you can make on your Page. Action Sheet 3.1 Creating Consistent Compelling Content will teach you how to never run out of ideas for effective posts. You will also learn how long a Facebook Post lasts on other’s feeds and exactly how many times you should be posting each week. Action Sheet 3.2 will show you how to Make Your Facebook Timeline Pop to record the most important moments on your Facebook feeds.

Part 3’s video will cover:

Facebook Page & Events Creation

Action Sheets 3.3 & 3.4 will walk you through exactly how to create a Page and how to create an Event on your Page in 7 easy steps.

Facebook Groups

Musicians can utilize Facebook Groups for deeper connection with fans. Action Sheet 3.4 Facebook Groups will show you how to start looking for groups on Facebook that are relevant to you. You should be interacting with these groups regularly to gain community and future fans.

Facebook Advertising For Musicians

We’ve made a full primer for Facebook Advertising that will show you to get more ‘likes’ on your Page, how to get more people to see your posts for more effective organic engagement, plus a whole lot more.  Action Sheet 3.5 Facebook Advertising will get you thinking of upcoming benchmarks in your career that you would consider buying Facebook advertisements for.
You will learn the best strategies for making the ever-changing Facebook a powerful fan-building machine and a showcase for your music, list building and videos.

Watch week three’s videos:

Introduction To Week 3 – Facebook


Week 3: Facebook (Part 1)


Week 3: Facebook (Part 2)

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