In my next installment of tools that will help artists with micro networking, I would like you to meet: LunchClub.

LunchClub calls itself an AI super-connector, and so far, it’s proven itself worthy of that title. At its core Lunchclub is a networking platform that matches you with others based on your experiences, interests, background, and goals. Then, it sets you up with a 45-minute meet and greet with your matches to get to know one another and build connections. 

Why would you do this you ask? I’ve got answers!

According to Linkedin’s economic graph, It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who You Know KNOWS who mostly help each other to find jobs.

So, it’s these 2nd and 3rd-degree relationships PLUS a chance to meaningfully connect with them that may be able to make a deep impact on your career.

And for my introverts reading this – you can do this without leaving your home at the times you desire and it’s a guaranteed connection without any awkward small talk, forced networking parties, or unhelpful conference panels.

I caution you, before you go diving in you should have a clear sense of what it is you would like to achieve. I’ve got a podcast guide for that.

So – Step one is to define WHAT you want and step two is to sign up for LunchClub!

 LunchClub will instantly and effortlessly expand your network. It’s not just that it can connect you to other musicians (it can) which can be a major advantage when it comes to things like collaboration or tours through cities you’d like to play, but it can also be a great way to connect with industry players, tech startup founders, like-minded creatives and influencers who have the ability to:

  • Give you advice on how to build your career 
  • Make introductions to others who may be able to help you (that you would not normally have access to)
  • Offer their help directly, giving you an opening you didn’t even know existed

And without having to worry about finding the right people to connect with. The platform brings the perfect people right into your life. 

Collaboration and Brand Partnerships

Another plus to getting connected with professionals in different fields, both in and outside the music industry? Your opportunity for brand partnerships and other (paid!) collaborations has just opened up. 

Because there are people from all industries on the platform, it becomes much easier to get outside the music industry bubble and start brainstorming different ways to use your talents and expertise. 

Becoming a Connector

The way LunchClub works is that it finds two people in your network who it thinks would be a good match, and it asks you if you want to introduce them to one another. On the surface, this might not seem like a big deal, but what it does is make you a connector and keep you top of mind. 

When you introduce two people who have no idea who the other is, the first thing they usually connect over is the person who introduced them. The more they talk about you, the more they remember you for future opportunities, especially if they feel like you’ve done them a favor by introducing them to someone that can actually help them.

One On One Connections

I know, I know, you may be thinking you have all the skills you need (or that you simply don’t have time to learn a new one). But there’s always more to learn, and with LunchClub you’re getting one on one conversations with top leaders in a variety of industries that, if you’re open to it, can be a really eye-opening experience. Just think about the variety of experiences they may have in things like fan-building, algorithms, and engagement. 

It’s one of the reasons I always love listening to podcasts that are not based in the music industry, because when you hear ideas and insights that are working for other industries or people in completely different positions, it can be incredibly eye opening and inspiring.

Learn More About Your Existing Network—and How to Utilize It

As I mentioned, the way LunchClub works is every day you log on and it will ask you if you’d like to make an introduction between two of your connections. The first few times I was doing this, I got to know so many people in my network that I either didn’t know existed, had no idea they did, or, was re-introduced to contacts I hadn’t talked to in a while but had always been great collaborators and connections.

In short, it reminded me of the excellent network I have already built.

Final Thoughts

LunchClub, while it may have been initially intended for a more traditional 9-5 worker or entrepreneur is already flush with musicians, music industry professionals, and other creatives, and is proving to be a great place to build connections and grow your career.

It’s always has been, it’s all about those relationships. That’s where you’ll see the biggest impact on your career. 

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