Something has been crushing my spirit recently when I talk to musicians about career strategy. They are focused on trying to get “ As many people to hear their music as possible!”

This is NOT a strategy – this is a guaranteed way to keep you unfocused and grasping at things that will not pay you in the long run.

I understand why so many of you want this – It’s because a very bad thing has become normalized and that very bad thing is keeping you from powerfully moving forward.

Social media has done a lot of harm to us individually and collectively and one of the worst things it has done is normalize macro thinking – meaning we all begin to believe that it’s not worth doing at all unless you get a minimum of tens of thousands of results.

And a million is supposed to be a typical goal for Spotify plays, or YouTube views or TikToks, etc. 

I have had dozens of conversations with potential clients who want 1M plays on Spotify and ask openly how they can get them. And this obsession/goal is feeding the black market on Spotify and a lot of questionable behaviors and legitimate outcomes for artists.

I have an antidote. It’s called micro networking.

The concept of micro networking is focusing on a few people who can help push your music career forward and creating your personal roadmap to connect with them and show them what you can do to help them in a mutually beneficial relationship. Micro-networking is about working smarter rather than harder, so it’s important that this message comes across in your blog post. Micro-networking can help you make valuable connections without having to attend endless networking events or reach out blindly. It’s all about finding those few people who can really propel your music career forward!

These people don’t need to be in the music business – and it’s probably better if they are not –  choose people from any area of your life to apply the micro-networking technique.

The concept focuses on finding a few people who can help push your career forward and creating a roadmap to connect with them in mutually beneficial relationships. Micro-networking can be done using tools like LinkedIn, LunchClub, and Twitter that allow you to experiment with meeting and chatting with people without having to leave home or expend too much energy. 

This technique is especially beneficial for introverts who don’t enjoy networking events.

By focusing on micro-networking, artists can take advantage of bigger opportunities without having to attend endless networking events or contact people at random. Micro-networking allows you to make valuable connections while working smarter rather than harder. 

Step 1: Identify 5 achievable goals – 1 Million Followers is NOT a Goal – “As Many people in the WORLD as possible listening is NOT a Goal.  Here is an article and a Podcast Ive written to help you (link to bot the article and the podcast on GOALS) 

Step 2:  Choose the easiest one that scares you the least – if you read the article about goals or listened to te podcast you will find that you will be in momentum of it feels do-able and Stopped if it does not

Step 3: Write down exactly what you want and exactly how you can help them

Example 1:

I want to play a unique and amazing private show for a list of VIPS – in a beautiful setting.  Record it for social media fodder and use the event to create superfans.

I can help these people by creating an amazing intimate evening of music, art, delicious food in a gorgeous setting and a chance for people to connect with each other outside or a dark club that smells like beer.

  1. An individual who owns a great space (like a gallery, a studio, a barn, an amazing garden/ backyard, a great living room, etc.) 
  2. Collaborators (2-3 people)  who may also want a VIP show to add a special feature –  i.e. a caterer, a baker, a wine or beer tasting, an art show, some amazing lighting, a costume designer, stylist, etc.
  3. An A/V Team (2-3 people) – a group of people who can help you light, and and record the event and use the video for amazing social medi posts and the event to connect with potential superfans
  4. A list of VIPS (15-25 people) – work together to create a killer guest list of pople who will support and people who you would love to have as fans in the future 

Total Needed for This Micro Network: Approx. 31 (at the MOST!) 

See how 31 people all of a sudden feels doable and less stressful than trying to reach 42934643894576759394579 people on TikTok or blindly hitting all these shady playlists?

Another issue I see – Without Micro Networks There’s NO Path for real income

Here’s how much a Spotify Play pays you: $0.003 

Musicians call me all of the time saying “I want to Monetize!” I want to quit my day-job and make music Full time as a living!” These are amazing goals and when I dove deeper I ask:

Me: “So, what are you focusing on in order to quit your day job?”

Artist: Playlists.

Me: Playlists?

Artist: Yes – I hired a playlisting company and now I have 20,000 plays a MONTH!!

Me: That’s Great! How many of those people are on your email list?

Artist: Um, I haven’t sent an email out yet – “I think that Bandzoogle is collecting them somewhere on the backend of my website”

An Email List IS a Micro Network

Me: OK,🤯 – I see on your website you have no merch for sale, no BandCamp and no bribe or incentive for anyone to sign up to your email list.

A Website that has a JUICY Offer On It CREATES MICRO Networks.

The beauty of micro-networking is that it can lead to bigger opportunities. By building strong relationships with a few key people, you can create a ripple effect that opens doors to new opportunities. 

Example 2:

I want to build a sustainable digital pathway to sell merch, shows and items to my fans

So if you’re looking to take your music career to the next level, consider giving micro-networking a try. You might be surprised by the results.

Part of how to strengthen relationships is by building funnels which invite people in your life to TAKE action.

Step 1: build an effective page on your website that actually helps to drive sales

Step 2: Watch this Webinar –  Join me and one of the smartest people I know – John Oszajca for a Webinar that will start you on the path to build a new strong micro network (and you will also learn why your website may not be making you any money 🙂

Step 3: Come to the webinar armed and ready to get serious with us! 

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