A musician’s EPK, or Electronic Press Kit, is a must for any musician trying to make a name for themselves. Bandzoogle offers many ways to spice up your press kit and create something eye catching while still conveying all of the important information you need.

What is a Musician’s EPK?

An EPK is a way for you to concisely and clearly present your band to press and potential labels/management etc. You want your EPK to be extremely organized, only containing relevant information, yet you want it to stand out so that your EPK gets noticed.

What goes into a Musician’s EPK?

Some things to include in your EPK are you bands bio (long and short if you have it), your streaming numbers, show turnouts, following, and photos. However, Bandzoogle now has features that allow you to experiment and add even more to your EPK.

Embedded Videos

One of Bandzoogle’s features is embedded video. Now, opposed to linking videos of live performances, you can embed a YouTube or Vimeo link directly into your EPK.

Music Player

One of the biggest perks, this feature allows you to have direct streaming available in your EPK. While usually you would link your streaming platforms, this gives them the opportunity to listen to your music WHILE reading your pitch. The added convenience and immediate exposure to your music is likely to start you off on a good foot!

Contact Form

Another extremely convenient feature, on Bandzoogle you are able to have a contact form directly on your EPK so that individuals can immediately reach out.

Social Linking

Make sure you link all of your socials! Give those who are looking at your EPK a chance to see your following, your content, and past experiences. Socials are very important to see what an artist is like aesthetically, personally, and how they interact with fans. It also is key in showing the demographic of the artist. 

Other than this, make your EPK represent you! While an EPK is meant to convey information, it should also convey the aesthetic and mood of the artist. Chooses a color scheme and a layout that makes sense to you. If your a rock band, you’d probably stray away from a dainty aesthetic on your EPK, just as if you are a pop artist you probably wouldn’t decorate your EPK in an intimidating way. 

Get going on your EPK, and make sure to not only show what’s important, but let your personality shine through!

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