New apps and programs are created all the time to help musicians with their creative ideas. There are many different resources for artists to share their passion projects with their fans. One app that is currently trending is Splice. This is Cyber PR’s musician’s guide to using Splice.

Splice Sounds

Perhaps what is the most popular attribute to Splice is their Sounds tab. The Sounds tab allows for creatives to share samples and musicians to use those samples royalty-free. Not only can creatives share samples, but music professionals and beat-makers can also share their work. Every Tuesday Splice releases new sample packs from recording sessions with acclaimed musicians.


Under the Sounds tab, you have various categories to browse through and listen through samples. Each sample costs “one credit”, but you can listen to each sample before purchasing. Every month you get 100 credits for a monthly fee of $7.99. Each sample costs about 1 credit. If you’re looking for something specific, you can filter results based on genre, BPM, key, instrument, and whether you prefer loops or one-shots. If you like the style but not the sound, you can also search for similar sounding samples.


Splice Skills

The Skills section is exactly what it sounds like. Skills provides video tutorials in different DAWs and for different skills. You can watch a video on making a drum beat or mastering. In addition, you can download project files to follow along with the instructor. New lessons are added weekly with lessons ranging from beginner to expert. This is an amazing resource for those barely entering the music production realm. To access Skills you’ll have to upgrade the monthly plan to Creator ($19.99/month) or Creator+ ($29.99/month).



Splice also offers Plug-Ins to try out and download. You can find the a plug-in based on which DAW you’re using, what instrument you’re looking for, or what effects you want to include. You have three options for purchasing. There is a rent-to-own option where you try any plug-in free and pay as you go until you own it. Then we have the usual purchase now or search through free ones options. In order to use Plug-ins, you must have either the Creator or Creator+ subscription.



Splice also has a free workspace. This is called Studio. Studio allows you to start a new project or collaborate with the Splice community. This is a pretty simple feature that just allows you to store your work.

splice studio


Community is where you can share your projects with others. You can explore specific creations through different DAWs, genres, or what is popular, new, or trending. There also exists contests for you to submit your work to or to listen to the projects that were submitted. You can like and follow certain works or creators on Splice through Community.

splice community


Finally, we have Blog. The Blog tab redirects you to another website specifically designed for Splice blog posts. This ranges from tips & tutorials to stories to routines and process. Almost every post contains a YouTube video, some written information, and sound examples. Blog is an excellent resource for those who want to learn about the industry through reading and listening. The posts tailor to artists and musicians learning about the music business and industry as well as those learning how to produce music. The stories create uplifting examples of successful people in the industry. All in all, Blog is an excellent resource.


We hope you enjoyed this read! Splice is an amazing creative workspace where you can collaborate and share your work with millions of people. You can perfect your craft without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. This app is beneficial for beginners and experts alike as it offers so many different ways to get creative. Work hard to become a greater musician. Get out there and subscribe to Splice!

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