Soundcloud is an incredible streaming platform that allows even the smallest of artists to display their works of art freely. Not only is Soundcloud a comforting and easy to use platform, but it also encourages bonds to be made. You can easily grow a community with your fans and talk with them seamlessly. There are some key features you may not be aware of that can boost those streams. We are going to dissect these features and help you grow your Soundcloud streams.

Promoting Your Music On Soundcloud

Of course the most obvious way to get more streams is through promotion. There are hundreds of ways to approach music promotion, some more effective than others. We’re bringing 3 of the most recommended ways to promote your music on Soundcloud. These methods are tried and true and followed by many.

Interact With The Platform

To begin, you want to use your Soundcloud account as a social media platform. Out of all the streaming platforms, Soundcloud is the one that provides the best artist to fan connection. To form connections through Soundcloud, you’ll have to put in some work. In order to gain recognition from others, you must give recognition. This entails following, commenting, and reposting fellow artists and creatives. It is also great to get feedback from others. Put some feelers out, demos, or anything else you want to share and let people give you pointers. Put yourself out there and allow yourself the chance to grow.

Plug Your Soundcloud Page Everywhere

Plugging your page seems like a no-brainer. However, when you are pasting your Soundcloud link to your socials, keep it consistent with your brand. You have a message spread across all your social media platforms, be sure to keep it when you bring in Soundcloud. If you’re telling your followers about every time you re-mix a song or release a new demo, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, be sure your message and brand stay consistent throughout all channels. Then, you want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to find your music. Have your links at an easy to find and easy to click location. This makes it easier for your fans to get to your music and will help bring in those streaming numbers.

Apply To Playlists And Repost Groups

When looking for playlists to pitch your music to, you should not have to pay a dime for that placement. If the playlist curator asks for money in exchange for a placement, do not trust them. Instead, do your research on which playlists best fit your music and brand and send out a pitch. With reposting, there is a service called Repost Exchange that favors Soundcloud artists. This service connects artists in similar niches as a way to help their fanbases find similar music.

Soundcloud and Splice Partnership

Another sweet feature Soundcloud has brought includes a partnership with Splice. The duo introduce a new program, Nova, that helps creators get their music heard. This new program begins with a contest across both platforms’ communities. The Nova program includes a series of artist packs available to all unsigned creators to experiment with. These packs include collections of signature sounds, loops and samples.

splice x soundcloud feature

The contests with the Nova artist packs will officially begin January 2022, but you can get a head start today. The first contest is already up and running, and here’s how you can enter:

  1. Join the official Splice Discord server.
  2. Check the #battle-announcement channel.
  3. Download the Splice samples selected for this contest that you must incorporate into your work.

Throughout these contests, Splice and Soundcloud will be choosing 4 winners. Each winner will receive Soundcloud’s marketing and distribution services. These services include: account management, professional marketing and promotion, distribution to all major streaming services, and support from Soundcloud towards your next project. This partnership brings an incredibly amazing opportunity for artists and creators. It encourages us to think and work outside the box.

splice soundcloud sound pack

Following these great features can help increase your streaming numbers tremendously. Remember to carry the same message throughout all platforms and build your community!

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