You may have noticed, we post a lot here. What can we say. We love what we do and we love educating musicians on the power of understanding the music industry and it’s many nuances.

Now, we don’t like to play favorites but, there are a few that have stood out over the years as some of our best. Some were chosen for the chord they struck with you, our readers, or the for the advice and strategies that are still true today. Here, we’ve rounded up ten of our best blog posts for indie musicians.

Here are our ten timeless favorites.


Starting at #10…

#10 How to Do a Benefit Concert: Guidelines for Performing Artists and Others Who Want to Make a Difference by Jen Chapin

benefit concert

The giving spirit was strong with our viewers. We’ve always held the belief here that benefit concerts are a great way to give back your community. We have found that they open up doors you never expect! A benefit concert is a wonderful way to bring new support to a charitable organization, new attention and credibility to an artist, and new magic and meaning to a performance and an artist’s career.

#9 Best Practices for Spotify Playlist Submission


Spotify can be a confusing place for many artists, so we are glad to see that you came to us for support, information, and advice on the best ways to leverage Spotify and get onto one of their curated playlists.

#8 10 Musicians On Patreon Worth Talking About

Patreon is an underutilized platform that a lot of artists have had questions about. We are always looking for new ways for artists and musicians to get involved with their fans and Patreon is the best there is. We laid out and counted down 10 musicians actively on the platform worth discussing! Take a look if you are curious about Patreon.

#7 9 Critical Music Publicity Tips You Should Know

With more and more independent musicians rising, the need for DIY publicity is greater. We are beyond happy to see that artists are still visiting this blog post! PR and Publicity is our specialty, so when you come to us for tips to do it yourself, we feel honored to help.

#6 Monetize Your Instagram Reels With Bonuses

Instagram being in competition with TikTok has meant a lot of changes to the platform content wise. The Reels Play Bonus Program is a program that can pay creators up to $20,000 for using the Reels feature. The incentive here is to get creators off TikTok and onto Instagram. It’s a little like the way YouTube pays their creators…

#5 Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: Planning Your Music Release – Part 2

MUSIC MARKETING PLAN Preparing for release Cyber PR

In Part 2 of the Music Marketing Plan, we discuss your release prep. It’s just as important as the music itself. In Part 1, we went through the first 5 elements of your marketing plan and in Part 2 we go through the next 5: your timeline, Release Day, Publicity & Marketing, Playing Live / Streaming, Real Life Networking.

#4 How To Get Fans to Pre Save Your Music on Spotify

This is always a question on the minds of artists everywhere. While a pre-save campaign is really more for you than it is your fans, it’s still a great way to get your fans to engage with you and your music. This gets them excited about an upcoming release. If they can save your song, they feel more connected to you, they feel special. We walk you through the steps of a pre-save campaign and the best way to utilize them.

#3 Musician’s Guide to Marketing Plans: The Nuts & Bolts – Pt. 1

music marketing plan the nuts and bolts

Part 1 for number 5’s Part 2 makes this list at number 3! In this ever-changing landscape, we see the same issue consistently: A vast majority of musicians don’t create long-term marketing plans. We recommend that this step be taken because if you have a sturdy foundation, you’ll be more successful as an independent musician. We are glad to see that people were taking that first step with us.

#2 New Music Release Plan – 12 Week Step-By-Step Guide

12 week music release plan

With about 100K new songs being released onto Spotify and Apple Music a day, it’s no wonder that this post is one of our top ones. The number 1 thing that artists ask us when they purchase a Total Tuneup is help with their release plan. The secret: give yourself plenty of time to get your house in order before you release anything, you’ll thank yourself later. And don’t forget to keep your fans updated on the release!

Rounding Out Our List at the #1 Most Visited Blog Post is…

Drum roll please

#1 How To Get Your Music On Instagram Stories and Reels

With Instagram playing catch up with TikTok for the last few years, it’s no surprise that our most visited and successful blog post of the year is about Instagram. Stories and Reels now account for the majority of content being consumed on Instagram. It’s become a crucial way to access new fans, engagement, and views.


This One Goes To 11

23 Music Charities for Your Next Fundraiser

23 Music Charities

While this post didn’t make the top 10, we wanted to give it an honorary mention as it was close to making this list! We are still glad to see artists out there wanting to give back to their communities with charities they support. In the spirit of giving, we decided it deserved a spot in this post.

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