AI is taking over our news feeds and likely our worlds. It not only gives you an edge in productivity and creativity (yes, I said creativity!) but also, it can become a powerful virtual assistant that will help you. Most musicians aren’t using AI (yet) or don’t really know what to do with it.

And if TikTok – and all the other apps that have come along and redefined how we market and promote – have taught us anything it’s that trends like this aren’t going anywhere—only the people who don’t know how to use them are. 

Still, it can be intimidating to get started and know exactly what AI is in the first place and how you can apply it to your music career. So, to save you hours of research (you’re welcome) and to help you make sense of it all, here are 5 articles that simplify what AI is and how musicians can use it. 

I didn’t write these articles but I found them mighty helpful along my journey in building my newest course AI Music Marketing which launches on March 20th.


What is AI? 

What Is Artificial Intelligence? Technopedia

The ultimate beginner article to AI, it breaks down in super simple terms what AI is and more importantly, case studies of how it’s been used in business, so you can see real life studies of how it works. There’s also a cute animation video so if you’re like me and miss the ol’ Schoolhouse Rock days, you now have an easy way to wrap your head around a complicated subject in less than 2 minutes too boot!


3 ChatGPT Music Prompts for Generating Chords and Lyrics

A brief introduction to what sets ChatGPT apart and tons of examples on how to use it to generate lyrics and chord progressions, this is one of the easiest ways to start to see how ChatGPT can fit into your music creation and career. It also walks you through how to use it for guitar tablature which isn’t perfect yet but close enough to get you going!

Looking for starter prompts to get familiar with ChatGPT for social media and marketing? I’ve got you.

ChatGPT for Music

How will AI & ChatGPT upend the music business?

We Asked ChatGPT About AI Applications in the Music Industry and This Is What It Had to Say

Who better to tell you how AI will upend the music industry than AI itself? This article asked AI how it would impact the music industry in different areas like music composition, production, recommendations like Spotify, copyright protection, and even live performances. It had some pretty interesting things to say…

Cover Art

How can AI help you create artwork? 

Best AI art generators in 2023 compared

How many times have you struggled to find the perfect artwork for your new single? With AI, it’s not just copy that you can create, but artwork as well. This article outlines how you can use different programs to type in what you want, show the AI examples, and ultimately create artwork from different AI programs. It includes lots of photo examples so you can really get a sense of what’s possible.

And this article on how to use it for album covers is GOLD!

Producing Album with AI

How can I make music with AI?

How AI-generated music is changing the way hits are made

Would you be surprised to learn that even David Bowie dabbled in a bit of AI? He helped develop an app in the 90s called Verbasizer which tool literary source material and re-ordered it to create what could be used as lyrics. When you think of it that way, it’s a little less scary, and you can start to see how AI is an assistant to the creative process, not a hindrance. It helps jog new ideas and inspire new approaches, rather than stifle them. This article shares different examples of AI assisted songs and how you can use it to make music of your own.

How Can I Use AI For Research?

While this article is 100% written by a person and untouched by AI, I found the above article topics through the use of ChatGPT. This is what I mean when I say it helps you sped up some of the housekeeping and get on to the creative. I saved myself hours of scouring the web trying to find the perfect articles so that I could focus on the creative part (writing!). By using AI to do that for me, I was given more time to really understand the articles, make sure they were the right fit for this piece, and spend time sharing them. 

How Can I Use AI For Marketing?

I’m so glad you asked! My team and I have come up with some really powerful ways to use AI to conquer marketing. We are so excited by what we’ve learned that we have created a course just to teach you how to save hundreds of hours.

Want to learn more about how YOU can use AI in your own music marketing needs? There’s still time to sign up for our 5 week AI Music Marketing Course!

AI Music Marketing

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