SoundBetter claims to host “the world’s best mixing & mastering engineers, singers, songwriters, producers and studio musicians for hire.” Cyber PR did a deep look at the services and memberships offered for creatives, to see if it’s a valuable money-making tool for our clients.

Getting started on SoundBetter as an artist

Radio singles and Billboard albums have been made through SoundBetter. Grammy award-winners also work with the site. The growing names of famed musicians using this program are proudly displayed on SoundBetter’s website.

SoundBetter Basic

Firstly, you can make a SoundBetter profile for free, including bio, experience, and any demos you upload so people can see what you have to offer. 

Coming to the review section, ask everyone that you’ve worked with as a musician or as a producer, to leave a nice review. If they leave a review, it’ll be listed as unverified. You will only get verified reviews from the clients you’ve got through SoundBetter.

SoundBetter Basic is free to use. With a 5% commission being taken on payments to cover the project management tools, verified reviews and job leads the platform gives access to.

SoundBetter Premium

On SoundBetter, the Premium tier is actually a program that you need to apply to and get approved for. The Premium tier costs providers $59 per month if they’re accepted. One of the first things that you must know about SoundBetter is that they claim to manually vet the Premium providers. This means the application process does take some time.

A premium membership, compared to the basic model, will grant you full access to the job board. This means you can apply to all the available jobs on the platform. Another membership feature of SoundBetter is the Premium program. With Premium, you can appear higher in searches (so clients are more likely to contact you) but also you get access to the job board. 

NOTE: Getting 1-3 jobs could easily pay for your membership fee for the whole year, depending on how big the projects are. 

How SoundBetter works

  • Firstly, anyone starting a music project will browse through profiles by instrument/production skill and genre specification.
  • If they like what you see, they’ll send an invite to those artists whose profile seems the most impressive.
  • The creative will then produce a proposal, which evaluates what they want and what you’re able to offer for a set price. The job is funded securely through SoundBetter (via PayPal).
  • If the two agree, files can be exchanged (sheet music, mp3’s, logic files, etc) and parts can be sent back and forth with comments and revisions for the final cut.
  • Lastly, once the final version is agreed upon and the project is completed, the provider’s funds are released via PayPal.

Final review

The services offered via SoundBetter are varied. But popular services include producers, singers, recording studio engineers, and more. All genres are welcome and there is a broad spectrum of price ranges. Providers can set their own rates on their profile and negotiate at the proposal stage. SoundBetter payments are secured via paypal, making it a safe place to exchange money for services. SoundBetter is a great place to seek long-term benefits through networking and creating music with other professional creatives, from anywhere in the world.

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