At this point, Google has become synonymous with the internet. As both artists and individuals, we use their browser and all of it’s tools for personal as well as career ventures. Not only does Google offer search capabilities, but many of their Google Apps can be monopolized to help you grow as a musician.

Taking advantage of these tools all begins with creating a Gmail (if you don’t already have one). Leave Yahoo and AOL in the past — bloggers, media makers, and websites require a gmail to connect with them. Additionally, Gmail allows you to set up a URL and a GoDaddy for just a small fee!

Google’s prowess is unprecedented, and so in this post, we take a moment to point you towards some of their greatest tools to support your career as an artist. This is an update of an older blog post, so jump in for some new content that you may find useful!

Here are 7 apps designed to help you take advantage of the many assets Google offers!

1. Google Blog Search

The official Google Blog Search was discontinued in 2011, but Google still offers a simplified way to discover new blogs that you could potentially submit your music release to. Start off by searching a few keywords related to your music and the type of blogs you are looking for. Then, click the “News” tab, hit the “Tools” button, and filter for blogs instead of all news. Boom! Now you’re looking at a filtered search of all potential PR possibilities.


2. Google Drive

If you’re familiar with the many offerings of Google Suite (the online sister of Microsoft Suite), you know that Google Drive allows you to store all of your files, projects, and more for free in the Cloud. Anyone who has a Google account can access the files at any time, making it easy to work on projects together. You and your team can keep track of lyrics and other writing, merchandise, accounting spreadsheets, and anything else you would otherwise use Word or Excel for.


3. Google Alerts

If you want to stay constantly updated on your Google searches, Google Alerts is a must-have resource for your toolbox. What it does is it sends you emails of new results like websites, articles, or blogs that match your search terms. This is helpful because you can use it to be updated when your band name or music is mentioned by any of these sources. You can also utilize this app to stay up to date on any music industry news or developments that can help you in your career!


4. Google Calendar

If you want a convenient way to keep your busy schedule organized, get Google Calendar ASAP! With this app, you can easily schedule meetings and events and set reminders for important activities. Have a meeting with your PR firm? Planning a photoshoot or music video? Enter it all in your Google Calendar to always be on top of your to-do list and manage your time. It is also a perfect tool for teams, so if you are in a band, you can use it to share your schedule with your bandmates so you are always on the same page and on track for success!


5. Google Knowledge Panel

Whenever you conduct a google search on your favorite band or musician, you will likely see a box on the right-hand side of your search results that contains information about them and their music. This is called a Google Knowledge Panel, and it can help new listeners get to know you or your band at a quick glance. With this resource, your fans (or future fans) can easily see images of you or information such as your bio, social channels, albums, tour dates, and more, with just a quick search.


6. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a free and simple way to earn money through website monetization. The way it works is it matches ads paid for by advertisers to your band’s website based on your content and visitors. Then, Google pays you based on user clicks on these ads or ad impressions. If you want to earn some easy money from Google, get AdSense and start getting paid for advertising ads that relate to your brand and content!


7. Google Analytics

As an artist, you hopefully have a website set up to promote your brand, music, and merchandise. Google offers a free tracking tool to gauge how visitors interact with your website. You can measure your website’s performance, what content users specifically interact with, test new marketing ventures with your audience, and ultimately optimize your site. Google makes it easy to follow guides to add the tracking code to your website and begin analyzing your date with their custom made reports. Check it out here if you haven’t already!


Now that you’re up to speed on Google apps, the most important part of Google is utilizing it’s search engine for your brand and website. Click below to check out our Optimizing Your Musicians Website blog post!


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