It would be nice to be paid for your work, wouldn’t it? To make sure you’re getting all the royalties you deserve, the hidden income that you might not even know you’re owed? Part of this is where PROs come in of course, but it never hurts to have a few extra people—or in this case, robots—looking out for you, and that’s where Google and Universal Music come in. The two industry giants are teaming up to make decisions that will help out artists make money from AI by using the technology.

Artists can now let companies use their voices to make art and through this, earn a little extra money. Here’s how it works.

What are ‘Deepfakes’ and how do they impact you?

If you haven’t heard the term ‘’deepfakes’ you’re not alone. Deepfake is tech that uses AI to make super realistic audio and visuals and it’s got musicians and artists talking about how we can incorporate it into our music as well as create a revenue stream from it. And guess what? Google and Universal Music are figuring out how it can help musicians like you create a revenue stream off it.

AI ‘deepfakes’ have gained both notoriety and acclaim for their potential to revolutionize the entertainment landscape. While they hold promise in terms of creating lifelike performances from historical artists or customizing concerts for fans, they also raise important questions about authenticity, copyright, and artistic integrity. It’s within this context that Google and Universal Music are engaging in discussions to strike a balance between innovation and protection.

Listen to my recent conversation with Ryan Kairalla on the new season of the Cyber PR Podcast about using AI in your music and the legality behind it.

Ep 2: Melodies in the Machine: Legal Landmines of AI-Generated Music

So how are Google and Universal stepping in?

Here’s the deal: these talks are all about making sure musicians, like you, get your fair share from the AI ‘deepfakes’ party. Universal Music, with their huge catalog of music, want to make sure AI respects their artists’ work. This whole thing? It’s like a test for the music world. If it goes well, other musicians could score too.

Google, with its tech know-how, wants to create AI that can mimic artists’ voices and styles – whether they’re alive or not, which on the surface is really cool (and a little scary, let’s be real) But what this can do beyond just giving those of us who didn’t get a chance to see Bowie and Queen in concert a second chance, to lead to interactive fan experiences and killer virtual concerts were you’re delivering a one of a kind experience and getting paid fairly.

How can I use this for my own fan experience? 

This is where things get exciting for you! AI ‘deepfakes’ could bring back those golden oldies for new fans, and create fresh ways for you to make money. Imagine hosting virtual hangouts or interactive experiences where fans get the opportunity to engage with their favorite musicians right alongside you, or where you can collaborate with artists long gone.

From a financial standpoint, the potential for monetization is also groundbreaking. Virtual meet-and-greets or collaborative sessions with reimagined legends could become exclusive and highly sought-after experiences, providing a fresh revenue stream for indie musicians. Not to mention, the infusion of AI-driven creativity could spark entirely new forms of content, ranging from reinterpreted classics to entirely new creations inspired by your favorite artists past and present.

Imagine all the revenue streams that could come from this, including merchandise, digital downloads, event tickets, and more. 

Final thoughts & what’s next for AI Deepfake

As Google and Universal Music talk AI ‘deepfakes,’ it’s a big moment where music meets tech, and that can be a little scary, but it’s also an incredible opportunity for indie musicians who want to learn more and expand the reach they have with fans. 

Things are about to shift in the music industry. The only question is, will you be prepared for it? 

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