I often get asked by clients if having an email list and strategy is necessary. Most are dying to get ahead with their music, yet most of whom seem to want to do the most obvious thing that will instantly bond them to fans which is email.

Clients spend bitterly complaining to me about how they want millions and millions of views or Spotify streams and they do not want to do the hard work of writing something that resonates.

Monthly email writing and email nurture series are not the sexiest part of your strategy, however, they are one of the most crucial. Whenever you see an artist who has managed to raise a lot of money with crowdfunding or Patreon or they are selling a lot or merch the reason is always that they have an active email list. Your email list is where you make money.

Here are 7 valuable facts about emails that will get you thinking the right way and hopefully inspire you…

#1 – No One Wants Another Newsletter – Ever.  

If you are guilty of sending those monthly emails with subject lines like “JUNE NEWSLETTER” you must stop this now.

You want to write engaging communications that are coming straight from you to them. They must be personal and resonant. You also want to be sure your emails are not just round-ups of what you are doing with requests thrown in like: come see my show! Buy tickets! Follow me online! Pre-save! Subscribe to my (fill in the blank social media) Channel!

What fans want is an email they will look forward to opening. Start by thinking about the emails you enjoy opening and see if you can discern why and emulate them. I’m going to take a gander here and say that the reason why you like these emails is because they are on brand for the artist and they share something of value for you.

#2 The Whole Point Of Emails Is To Make Super Fans 

The goal always is to take your readers on a journey from fan to super fan. All of your content must be geared towards this bonding process. A super fan is not made overnight. It will take several attempts at nurturing and each time you craft an email think about how you can reveal something that will be truly touching your fans.

Just like when you craft a song you give it all of your emotionality. You want to do the same with each and every email. The way you can do this is by showing vulnerability and being relatable or funny or be a social justice warrior – just don’t be vanilla. 

#3 There’s No Perfect Email Platform To Use – Use What You Can Master

There is no perfect platform. So many are great. This being said, It’s critical to have one (don’t you dare BCC using your Gmail that’s illegal and you can’t track your results!).

We recommended Mailchimp and ConvertKit. What is most important is you need to know how to set up drip campaigns (ones that trickle email out over days when fans subscribe) and you should also have a solution for giving away cool things to your fans like music, exclusive videos etc.